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How To Become A Lawyer?

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Contents: Joan Miquel Rascagneres: The Profession Of Lawyer In The Principality Of Andorra - Ulrike Brandl: How To Become A Lawyer In Austria - Martin Kopa/Maxim Tomoszek: How To Become A Lawyer In The Czech Republic - Anthony Dursi: Becoming A Lawyer In England And Wales - Stephanie Dijoux: How To Become A Lawyer In France - Claudia Schlüter: How To Become A Lawyer In Germany - Gianmaria Ajani: How To Become A Lawyer In Italy - Rajendra Parsad Gunputh: The Professional And Vocational Training Of Lawyers According To The Anglo-Saxon Model In A Mixed Legal System - The Case Of The Republic Of Mauritius - Izabela Krasnicka/Izabela Skomerska-Muchowska: How To Become A Lawyer In Poland? - Laura Magdalena Trocan: How To Become A Lawyer In Romania - Guilherme Waldemar D'Oliveira Martins/Raquel Franco: How To Become A Lawyer In Portugal And In Spain - Damiano Canapa: How To Become A Lawyer In Switzerland - Charles F. Szymanski: The Process for Becoming An Attorney In The United States - Frank Romano: So You Want To Be A Lawyer In California (USA).
The present publication collects the contributions of the colloquium «How to Become a Lawyer in Europe», which took place on June 4, 2010 in Andorra la Vella - within the frame-work of the 15th annual meeting of the representatives of the Network of European Universities in Legal Studies. We gathered articles concerning not only many European countries but also the United States and a special contribution is made to the system in California (USA). Each part is a unique guide through internal regulations leading to different legal professions. The articles present the academic education system in the field of law and also special requirements and professional exams giving the right/permission to perform legal professions. The reader will see the differences and similarities especially in the European systems of the presented countries.

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