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Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Applications

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M. Amélia Bastos
242, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
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This book consists of research papers that cover the scientific areas of the International Workshop on Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Applications, held in Lisbon in September 2012. The volume particularly focuses on (i) operator theory and harmonic analysis (singular integral operators with shifts; pseudodifferential operators, factorization of almost periodic matrix functions; inequalities; Cauchy type integrals; maximal and singular operators on generalized Orlicz-Morrey spaces; the Riesz potential operator; modification of Hadamard fractional integro-differentiation), (ii) operator algebras (invertibility in groupoid C*-algebras; inner endomorphisms of some semi group, crossed products; C*-algebras generated by mappings which have finite orbits; Folner sequences in operator algebras; arithmetic aspect of C*_r SL(2); C*-algebras of singular integral operators; algebras of operator sequences) and (iii) mathematical physics (operator approach to diffraction from polygonal-conical screens; Poisson geometry of difference Lax operators).
Følner Sequences in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras.- On the Factorization of Some Block Triangular Almost Periodic Matrix Functions.- A C?-algebra of Singular Integral Operators with Shifts Similar to Affine Mappings.- On Cauchy Type Integrals Related to the Cimmino System of Partial Differential Equations.- Singular Integral Operators with Linear Fractional Shifts on the Unit Circle.- Diffraction from Polygonal-Conical Screens, An Operator Approach.- Boundedness of the Maximal and Singular Operators on Generalized Orlicz-Morrey Spaces.- On a Question by Markus Seidel.- Invertibility in Groupoid C?-algebras.- Boundedness of Pseudodifferential Operators on Banach Function Spaces.- On the Dimension of the Kernel of a Singular Integral Operator with Shift.- Inequalities Against Equations?.- C?-algebra Generated by Mapping Which Has Finite Orbits.- On Spectral Subspaces and Inner Endomorphisms of Some Semigroup Crossed Products.- And more.

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