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Handbook of Ocean Container Transport Logistics

Making Global Supply Chains Effective
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Chung-Yee Lee
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220, International Series in Operations Research & Management Science

First book to examine the impact of ocean transport logistics on global supply chains
Part I: Container Terminal Operation: Innovation, Trend, Competition and Business.- Model.- Innovative Container Terminals to Improve Global Container Transport Chains.- Container Terminal Operation: Current Trends and Future Challenges.- Container port competition in Europe.- Container Port Competition and Competitiveness Analysis: Asian Major Ports.- Choosing a Business Model of Container Terminal Operations.- Part II: Shipping Liners: Tactical and Operational Management.- Empty Container Repositioning.- Robust Optimization Approach to Empty Container Repositioning in Liner Shipping.- Disruption Management for Liner Shipping.- Bunker Purchasing in Liner Shipping.- Ship Route Schedule based Interactions between Container Shipping Lines and Port Operators.- Slow Steaming in Maritime Transportation: Fundamentals, Trade-offers and Decision models.- Efficient Global Container Chain port Network Design.- Part III:  Shippers and Global Supply Chain Management.- Purchasing Transportation Services from Ocean Carriers.- Ocean transport and the facilitation of trade.- Modelling Global Container Freight Transport Demand.- Competition and Co-operation in Maritime Logistics Operations.- Hinterland transportation in container supply chains.- Green corridors and their possible impact on the European supply chain.
This book is focused on the impact of ocean transport logistics on global supply chains. It is the first book solely dedicated to the topic, linking the interaction of parties along this chain, including shippers, terminal operators and line carriers. While ocean container transport logistics has been greatly studied, there are many important issues that have yet to receive the attention they deserve. The editors and contributing authors of Ocean Container Transport Logistics: Making Global Supply Chain Effective seek to address these topics and shed new light on the subject.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I examines the innovation, trends, competition and business model of container terminal operations. In Part II, the book looks at how tactical and operational management is used in shipping liners. The chapters cover topics such as empty container repositioning, slow steaming, routing, network design and disruption management. Finally Part III explores at shippers and global supply chain management, with chapters on transportation service procurement, hinterland transportation, green corridors, as well as competition and co-operation in maritime logistics operations. The eighteen chapters of the book all highlight the immediate effect of ocean transport logistics on global supply chain.

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