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Pursuing Excellence in Mathematics Education

Essays in Honor of Jeremy Kilpatrick
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Edward Silver
Mathematics Education Library
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?Chapters in this book recognize the more than forty years of sustained and distinguished lifetime achievement in mathematics education research and development of Jeremy Kilpatrick. Including contributions from a variety of skilled mathematics educators, this text honors Jeremy Kilpatrick, reflecting on his groundbreaking papers, book chapters, and books - many of which are now standard references in the literature - on mathematical problem solving, the history of mathematics education, mathematical ability and proficiency, curriculum change and its history, global perspectives on mathematics education, and mathematics assessment. Many chapters also offer substantial contributions of their own on important themes, including mathematical problem solving, mathematics curriculum, the role of theory in mathematics education, the democratization of mathematics, and international perspectives on the professional field of mathematics education.?
?Foreword.- Introduction.- I. Jeremy Kilpatrick: Colleague, Mentor & Collaborator.- What’s Involved in the Work of Dissertation Advising?  An Interview with Jeremy Kilpatrick and Some Personal Reflections.- Collaboration and Friendship with Jeremy Kilpatrick: Two Sides of Success and Challenge.- II. Mathematical Problem Solving and Mathematics Curriculum.- When is a Problem? Contribution in Honour of Jeremy Kilpatrick.- Problem solving, exercises and explorations in mathematics textbooks: A historical perspective.- From mathematical problem solving to geocaching: A journey inspired by my encounter with Jeremy Kilpatrick.- Ruminations on the Generated Curriculum and Reform in Community College Mathematics: An Essay in Honor of Jeremy Kilpatrick?.- III. The Interaction of Theory, Practice and Politics in Mathematics Education?.- Mathematics, Knowledge and Political Power.- Democratising Mathematics Education and the Role of Research.- On the Diversity and Multiplicity of Theories in Mathematics Education.- Toward A Profession of Mathematics Education: Guidance from Jeremy Kilpatrick‘s Words and Deeds?.

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