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Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbook Three

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Ton J. Cleophas
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238x156x12 mm
SpringerBriefs in Statistics

So far a book on the subject to a medical audience has not been published
Unique features of the book involve the following.
1.This book is the third volume of a three volume series of cookbooks entitled "Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbooks One, Two, and Three". No other self-assessment works for the medical and health care community covering the field of machine learning have been published to date.
2. Each chapter of the book can be studied without the need to consult other chapters, and can, for the readership's convenience, be downloaded from the internet. Self-assessment examples are available at
3. An adequate command of machine learning methodologies is a requirement for physicians and other health workers, particularly now, because the amount of medical computer data files currently doubles every 20 months, and, because, soon, it will be impossible for them to take proper data-based health decisions without the help of machine learning.
4. Given the importance of knowledge of machine learning in the medical and health care community, and the current lack of knowledge of it, the readership will consist of any physician and health worker.
5. The book was written in a simple language in order to enhance readability not only for the advanced but also for the novices.
6. The book is multipurpose, it is an introduction for ignorant, a primer for the inexperienced, and a self-assessment handbook for the advanced.
7. The book, was, particularly, written for jaded physicians and any other health care professionals lacking time to read the entire series of three textbooks.
8. Like the other two cookbooks it contains technical descriptions and self-assessment examples of 20 important computer methodologies for medical data analysis, and it, largely, skips the theoretical and mathematical background.
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