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Educational Media and Technology Yearbook

Volume 39
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Michael Orey
39, Educational Media and Technology Yearbook
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This book is an annual publication entering its 40th year. The series represents current trend and issues in the field of educational communications and technology, journals and other periodicals associated with the field, and the academic programs that prepare instructional technology professionals.  Springer has been the publisher for the series, in cooperation with the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, for the past four years. Volume 39 will feature a section on Information Studies, in addition to updated information about programs and a new ranking of the top academic degree programs in the field of Learning, Design, and Technology.
?I. Trends and Issues in Learning, Design, and Technology.- Introduction.- Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology: Maximizing Budgets and Minimizing Costs in Order to Provide Personalized Learning.- Expanding Repertoire of Teaching and Learning Practices in the Digital Culture.- Implementing Problem-Oriented Pedagogies In Engineering Education: Examination Of Tensions And Drivers.- Multimedia design and situational interest: A look at juxtaposition and measurement.- The Effects of Visual and Textual Annotations on Spanish Listening Comprehension, Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition and Cognitive Load.- II. Trends and Issues in Library and Information Science.- Introduction.- From Theory To Practice: An Examination of How School Librarians Implement Technology in Schools.- The Cultural Commons of Teen Literacy.- A Collaborative Approach To Digital Storytelling Projects.- III. Leadership Profiles.- Introduction.- Dr. Philip L. Doughty.- Tribute to David Jonassen, Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Education, University of Missouri.- IV. Organizations and Associations in North America.- Introduction.- Worldwide List of Graduate Programs in Learning, Design, Technology, Information or Libraries.- V. Graduate Programs.- Introduction.- Worldwide List of Graduate Programs in Learning, Design, Technology, Information or Libraries.- VI. Mediagraphy.- Introduction.- Mediagraphy.- Index.?

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