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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation

How the Body and Mind Work Together to Change Our Behaviour
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Yi-Yuan Tang
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This book presents the latest neuroscience research on mindfulness meditation and provides guidance on how to apply these findings to our work, relationships, health, education and daily lives. Presenting cutting-edge research on the neurological and cognitive changes associated with its practice Tang aims to explain how it reaps positive effects and subsequently, how best to undertake and implement mindfulness practice. Mindfulness neuroscience research integrates theory and methods from eastern contemplative traditions, western psychology and neuroscience, and is based on neuroimaging techniques, physiological measures and behavioural tests. The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation begins by explaining these foundations and then moves on to themes such as the impact of personality and how mindfulness can shape behaviour change, attention and self-control. Finally, the book discusses common misconceptions about mindfulness and challenges in future research endeavours. Written by an expert in the neuroscience of mindfulness this book will be valuable for scholars, researchers and practitioners in psychotherapy and the health sciences working with mindfulness, as well as those studying and working in the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology.
Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindfulness Neuroscience.- The Brain Mechanism of Mindfulness Meditation.- The Physiology Mechanism of Mindfulness Meditation.- Traits and States in Mindfulness Meditation.- Mindfulness Meditation and Behaviour Change .- Mindfulness Applications in Education.- Mindfulness Applications in Health.- Insights for Mindfulness Practice.- Future Directions of the Mindfulness Field.

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