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Today's Youth and Mental Health

Hope, Power, and Resilience
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Soheila Pashang
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Takes a multidisciplinary approach to youth mental health
PartI: Contexts of Youth's Lives.- 1.Immigrant and Refugee Youth Mental Health in Canada:A Scoping Review of Empirical Literature.- 2.Precarious Status: Youth Mental Health at the Intersections of Identity and Migration.- 3.Dancing Bodies, Flying Souls: The Mental Health Impacts of Pedophilia Inflicted on Afghan Boys in Afghanistan.- 4.Youth Experiences of Cultural Identity and Migration: A Systems Perspective.- 5.Redefining Cyber Sexual Violence Against Emerging Young Women: Towards Conceptual Clarity.- Part II:Mental Health.- 6.Why am I still here? The Impact of Survivor Guilt on the Mental Health and Settlement Process of Refugee Youth.- 7.The Effects of Intersectional Stigma and Discrimination on the Mental Well-Being of Black, LBQ, Female Youth 18-25 Years Old.- 8.Exploring Youth Mental Health and Addictions at the Intersection of Food Insecurity and Gender.- 9.The Role of Worries in Mental Health and Well-being in Adolescence in Portugal.- 10.Eating disorders amongst second-generation Canadian South Asian female youth: An intersectionality approach toward exploring cultural conflict, dual-identity, and mental health.- Part III: Hope.- 11.Public Numbers, Private Pain: What's hidden behind the disproportionate removal of Black children and youth from families by Ontario child welfare?.- 12.SOS - Supporting Our Sisters: Narratives from the Margins.- 13.The Effect of Music Intervention Program on Self-Esteem and Aggression in the Korean Middle School Male Students with Maladjustment Problem.- 14.Resistance in Relationship: Mothers' armoring of their adolescent daughters living with facial difference.- 15.Contested Integration: Class, Race and Education of Second and Third-Generation Minority Youth, Through the Prism of Critical Pedagogy.- Part IV: Power.- 16.Education pathways: policy implications for refugee youth in Germany and Canada.- 17.When Youth get Mad through a Critical Course on Mental Health.- 18.Turning the tide: An ethnographic study of children's experiences following the death of their father in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).- Part V: Resilience.- 19.Suffering as "Symptom": Psychiatry and Refugee Youth.- 20.Teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) to Refugees: Trauma and Resilience.- 21.Hip Hop and NGOs: Rwandan Youth Building Sites of Resilience and Resistance.- 22.Youth Resilience and Social Capital in a Disadvantaged Neighborhood: A Constructionist Interpretive Approach.- 23.Using PhotoVoice to Understand the Neighbourhood Impact on Immigrant Youth's Mental Health and Well-being.- 24.Stress, Resilience and Mental Health: Perspectives from a longitudinal study of immigrant and refugee youth in Canada.
This book focuses on the social and intersectional determinants of mental health among youth. The innovative and cutting edge text arises out of multidisciplinary fields of academic, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, artists, and youth.  Contributions from Canada, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, and Jamaica addresses the complexities and the opportunities for youth across contexts. Each chapter entails an introduction to the topic, literature review and research findings, discussion, and implications in regard to research, policy, and practice. A unique aspect of the book is the inclusion of a critical response to each chapter's content from diverse stakeholders (such as policy makers, front line workers, practitioners, community activists, artists and youth).The book is a critical and current contribution to exploring youth mental health and, specifically, the ways in which youth learn, live, and resist in a world around them.  Topics examined include youth social engagement, civic integration, and political participation at multiple local, regional, and transnational levels.

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