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Autor: Michael Lee
ISBN-13: 9783319651200
Einband: Book
Seiten: 286
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Format: 236x156x22 mm
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A Case-based Guide to Eye Pain

Perspectives from Ophthalmology and Neurology
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Provides ophthalmologists and neuro-ophthalmologists with a systematic evaluation plan for patients with unexplained ocular pain
7.  Superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis
Diagnosing a patient with unexplained ocular pain can be time-consuming and difficult, but taking an anatomic approach and excluding causes along the way can aid in the diagnosis. This book provides the reader with a systematic evaluation plan for these cases, written and edited by leaders in the field. A Case-Based Guide to Eye Pain is written for both ophthalmologists and neuro-ophthalmologists since there are not enough neuro-ophthalmologists to treat the number of patients with unexplained ocular pain and general ophthalmologists are having to take on the diagnosis and treatment of these patients.
Autor: Michael Lee, Kathleen Digre
Michael Lee, MD, is Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Neurosciences, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurology, and is the Mackall-Scheie Research Chair in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Minnesota. He is also the Ophthalmology Residency Program Director, Co-Director for the Center for Thyroid Eye Disease, and Director of Neuro-ophthalmology at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Lee sees patients with a variety of neuro-ophthalmic problems, including blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, optic neuritis, ischemic optic neuropathy, double vision, eye pain, pseudotumor cerebri, thyroid eye disease and giant cell arteritis.

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Autor: Michael Lee
ISBN-13:: 9783319651200
ISBN: 331965120X
Erscheinungsjahr: 27.12.2017
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 459g
Seiten: 286
Sprache: Englisch
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