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Autor: Gwyther Rees
ISBN-13: 9783319651958
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Children's Views on Their Lives and Well-being

18, Children's Well-Being: Indicators and Research
Findings from the Children's Worlds Project
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Presents findings of the most extensive and diverse study conducted globally on children's own views of their lives
Chapter 1. Introduction.- Chapter 2. How the study was done.- Chapter 3. The structure of children's subjective well-being.- Chapter 4. The context of children's lives.- Chapter 5. Overall well-being.- Chapter 6. Home and family.- Chapter 7. Money and possessions.- Chapter 8. Friendships.- Chapter 9. School.- Chapter 10. Local area.- Chapter 11. Self.- Chapter 12. Time use.- Chapter 13. Synthesis.- Chapter 14. Factors associated with overall well-being.- Chapter 15. Discussion and conclusions.
This book presents a comprehensive overview of findings from the Children's Worlds project - the most extensive and diverse study to have been conducted globally on children's own views of their lives. It provides a unique comparative insight into the similarities and differences in children's lives and well-being around the world, including findings that challenge prevailing assumptions of where, and in what contexts, children might experience a 'good childhood'.
Autor: Gwyther Rees
Gwyther Rees (Social Policy Research Unit, University of York, UK) is the Research Director of the Children's Worlds project - an international study of children's lives and well-being. Gwyther has researched and published on a range of social policy issues relevant to children and young people as well as on children's subjective well-being.

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Autor: Gwyther Rees
ISBN-13:: 9783319651958
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Gewicht: 457g
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Sprache: Englisch
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