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Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies

Volume I: Theories and New Approaches
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Malgorzata Ciesielska
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Addresses new and experimental research methods
1. Qualitative Research in Organization Studies; Dariusz Jemielniak and Malgorzata Ciesielska.- 2. Paradigms in Qulitative Research; Bartosz Slawecki.- 3. Grounded Theory; Przemyslaw Hensel and Beata Glinka.- 4. Visual Anthropology; Slawomir Magala.- 5. Action Research; Davydd Greenwood.- 6. Ethnography and the Management of Organizations; Tony Watson.- 7. The Agential Materiality of Storytelling; David Boje and Nazanin Tourani.- 8. Interpretation, Reflexivity and Imagination in Qualitative Research; Yiannis Gabriel.- 9. The Emotional Nature of Qualitative Research; Angela Stephanie Mazzetti.- 10. Accessible Research: Loweing Barriers to Participation; Daniela Rudloff.- 11. Ethics in Qualitative Research; Sylwia Ciuk and Dominika Latusek.
This book brings together key theories behind qualitative research, whilst drawing attention to novel, cutting-edge approaches to data gathering, such as visual anthropology and storytelling. Offering a comprehensive guide to qualitative analysis, this book goes further than examining research methods to  open a discussion on the roles of reflexivity, imagination, emotions and ethics in qualitative research, Covering topics such as reflective analysis, sociological paradigms, action research and organizational ethnography, this book is ideal reading for those who wish to address the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate research-based edited books and encompasses a wide array of methods. Those exploring organization studies will find this two-volume collection extremely valuable as it contains robust contributions from highly-skilled authors who are actively researching in this field.

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