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Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation

An Emerging Treatment Modality
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Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Comprehensive yet succinct treatment of the topic; enables readers to get up to speed quickly
1. General Indications and Logic for Haploidentical SCT.- 2. Donor Selection and Cell Dose in Haploidentical SCT.- 3. Graft Failure and Rejection in Haploidentical SCT.- 4. Toxicity of Conditioning Regimens in Haploidentical SCT.- 4. Toxicity of Conditioning Regimens in Haploidentical SCT.- 5. An Overview of the Prophylaxis and Treatment of GVHD in Haploidentical STC.- 6. Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Complications in Haploidentical SCT.- 7. Graft versus Leukemia (GVL), Graft versus Lymphoma Effect in Haploidentical SCT.- 8. Outcome of Haploidentical SCT in Patients with Acute Leukemia.- 9. Outcome of Haploidentical SCT in Patients with Lymphoma.- 10. Applications of Haploidentical SCT in Patients with Non-malignant Diseases.- 11. Applications of Haploidentical SCT in Pediatric Patients.- 12. Innovative Approaches in Order to Increase the Success of the Haploidentical SCT. 13. Future Perspectives for Haploidentical SCT.
This book discusses the aspects of haploidentical transplants and will shed light on the debates and questions on this burgeoning field and timely topic. Donor selection, graft failure, minimal CD34+ cell requirement, and conditioning regimens used for haploidentical transplants will be written by expert authors dealing with this type of transplants. Approximately one third of the books' chapters cover logic and basic aspects; the remaining two thirds of the book discuss clinical aspects, outcomes, and future perspectives, thus providing a comphrensive discussion of the topic. Haploidentical transplantation is extremely timely, rapidly-changing area and increasing its use will decrease the need for time-consuming, expensive, unrelated donor search. Moreover, Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation brings a set of clear answers to questions of feasibility, advantages over unrelated transplants, cost effectivity and outcome..

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