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Big Law in Latin America and Spain

Globalization and Adjustments in the Provision of High-End Legal Services
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Manuel Gómez
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Includes a deep, contextualized and comparative empirical (qualitative) analysis developed as part of the Stanford Law School Project on the Future of the Legal Profession, of a dozen Latin American, Caribbean jurisdictions and Spain
¿1. Corporate lawyers and multinational corporations in Latin America and Spain: 1990-2015.- 2. Law firms in Argentina: Challenges and responses to a crisis.- 3. Big Law in Brazil: Rise and current challenges.- 4. Big Law in Chile: A glance at the law firms.- 5. Big Law in Central America and the Dominican Republic: Growth strategies in small economies.- 6. The rise of Big Law in Colombia.- 7. Global and traditional: A profile of corporate lawyers in Mexico.- 8. Big Law in Spain: A dynamic ecosystem.- 9. Lawyers and globalization in Peru (1990-2014).- 10. Big Law in Venezuela: From globalization to revolution.- 11. Reconstructing Big Law: The big picture.- 12. The value of Law and Society research in the study of Big Law.- 13. Conclusion.
This book, part of the Stanford Law School research project on the future of the legal profession, thoroughly examines the future of "big law," defined as the large and mid-size multiservice highly specialized law firms that provide sophisticated, complex and generally costly legal work to multinationals, large and mid-size domestic corporations, and other business clients. By systematically gathering, assessing, and analyzing the best available quantitative and qualitative data on the first tier of the corporate legal services market of Latin America and Spain, and interviewing a broadly representative sample of corporate legal officers, law firm partners, and other stakeholders in each of the countries covered, this book provides a nuanced perspective on changes in "big law" during the last two decades until the present. It also explores the factors that are driving these changes, and the implications for the future of legal profession, legal education and its relationship with the corporate sector and society in general.

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