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The Lvov-Warsaw School. Past and Present

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This illuminating book is a consists of contributions of renown authors from  the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, Metalogic, Scientific and Analytic Philosophy, Theory of Models, Theory of Argumentation, Semiotics and Linguistics, Logic, Philosophy and Mathematics
Part I. Twardowski's School. The Period of Crystallization of LWS.- Introduction. The School: Its Geneses, Development and Significance.- Kazimierz Twardowski: a great teacher of great philosophers.- Jan Lukasiewicz: a creator of new ideas in logic and a reinterpreter of its history.- Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz:The Cognitive Role of Language.- Tadeusz CzeSowski.- Tadeusz Kotarbinski: Socrates of Warsaw.- Zygmunt Zawirski's life and scientific work.- Stanislaw Lesniewski: Original and Uncompromising Logical Genius.- Izydora Dambska: the first lady of the twentieth century Polish philosophy.- Maria Kokoszynska-Lutman.- Seweryna Luszczewska-Romahnowa.- On existential dependence and independence in the world of thoughts and states of affairs.- The Biography of Józef I.M. Bochenski.- Jan Salamucha (1903-1944).- Part II. Warsaw School of Logic, its main Figures and Ideas. The Period of Prosperity.- Lukasiewicz and his followers in many-valued logic.- Tomorrow's sea-battle and the beginning of temporal logic.- Lesniewski and Mereology.- Alfred Tarski (1901-1983).- Stanislaw Jaskowski: life and work.- Czeslaw Lejewski: Propagator of Lvov-Warsaw Ideas Abroad.- Adolf Lindenbaum, metric spaces and decompositions.- Andrzej Mostowski, a biograpical note.- Jerzy Slupecki (1904-1987).- Boleslaw Sobocinski. The Ace of the Second Generation of the LWS.- Many-Valued Logics in the Iberian Peninsula.- Ontology of logic and mathematics in Lvov-Warsaw School.- A view of revival of Mathematical Logic in Warsaw, 1945 -1975.- Andrzej Mostowski and the notion of a model.- All Quantifiers versus the Quantifier All.- Helena Rasiowa (1917-1994).- Andrzej Grzegorczyk, a logician par excellent.- Roman Suszko - logician and philosopher.- Backmatter
This is a collection of new investigations and discoveries on the history of a great tradition, the Lvov-Warsaw School of logic and mathematics, by the best specialists from all over the world. The papers range from historical considerations to new philosophical, logical and mathematical developments of this impressive School, including applications to Computer Science, Mathematics, Metalogic, Scientific and Analytic  Philosophy, Theory of Models and Linguistics.

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