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Concepts, Methods and Practical Applications in Applied Demography

An introductory textbook
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Richard K. Thomas
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Highly suitable as a textbook for graduate applied demography courses with case studies and hands-on exercises
Chapter 1 Introduction to Applied Demography.- Chapter 2 The Materials and Methods of Demography.- Chapter 3 Data Sources for Applied Demography.- Chapter 4 Population Size, Distribution and Concentration.- Chapter 5 Population Composition.- Chapter 6 Demographic Processes: Fertility.- Chapter 7 Demographic Processes: Mortality.- Chapter 8 Demographic Processes: Migration.- Chapter 9 Population Estimates, Projections and Forecasts.- Chapter 10 Business Demography.- Chapter 11 Health Demography.- Chapter 12 Political Demography.- Chapter 13 Other Applications of Demography.
This textbook offers a comprehensive overview of applied demography by presenting both basic concepts and methodological techniques. It allows students from the social and human sciences, demographers, consultants and anyone interested in applied demography to gain an understanding of a wide range of practical applications of demographic concepts, methods and techniques to real- world problems. Featured sidebars highlight relevant terms and concepts and case studies and exercises throughout the book offer first-hand exposure to demographic applications. Charts and graphs supplement the presentation of demographic concepts and a glossary provides an inventory of relevant terms. The first section reviews basic components of applied demography as a context for understanding and addressing societal issues. It details the methods, techniques and data sources applied by demographers in a variety of areas. Coverage includes cohort analysis, data standardization, population estimation, and the use of geographic in- formation systems (GIS). The second section focuses on the substantive areas in which demography is currently applied. The topics covered include business demography, health demography, political demography, educational demography, and applications to urban and regional planning. The book illustrates the many ways in which demographers contribute to the formulation of public policy and the resolution of societal issues.

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