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The Potato Genome

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Swarup Kumar Chakrabarti
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Compendium of Plant Genomes

Discusses the whole genome sequencing of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), the first asterid clade of eudicot plants to be sequenced
The Historical, Social and Economic Importance of the Potato Crop.- Potato Genetic Resources.- History of potato breeding: Improvement, diversification, and diversity.- Genetic Stocks Used for Potato Genome Sequencing.- Strategies and Tools for Sequencing and Assembly of Plant Genomes.- High-throughput Sequencing of the Potato Genome.- The Wild Side of Potato: Insights into The Genome Sequence of the Stress-Tolerant S. commersonii Dun.- Genomics in Management and Genetic Enhancement of Potato Germplasm.- Repetitive Sequences in The Potato and Related Genomes.- New Strategies Towards Durable Late Blight Resistance in Potato.- Genomics Approaches for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Potato.- Genomics resources for abiotic stresses in Solanum (potato) species.- Somatic Cell Genetics and Its Application in Potato Breeding.- Structural Analysis of Resistance (R) Genes in Potato (Solanum species) genome.- Genotyping by sequencing in potato.- Genomics in true potato seed (TPS) technology: Engineering cloning through seeds.
This book describes the historical importance of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.),potato genetic resources and stocks (including S. tuberosum group Phureja DM1-3 516 R44, a unique doubled monoploid homozygous line) used for potato genome sequencing. It also discusses strategies and tools for high-throughput sequencing, sequence assembly, annotation, analysis, repetitive sequences and genotyping-by-sequencing approaches. Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.; 2n = 4x = 48) is the fourth most important food crop of the world after rice, wheat and maize and holds great potential to ensure both food and nutritional security. It is an autotetraploid crop with complex genetics, acute inbreeding depression and a highly heterozygous nature. Further, the book examines the recent discovery of whole genome sequencing of a few wild potato species genomes, genomics in management and genetic enhancement of Solanum species, new strategies towards durable potato late blight resistance, structural analysis of resistance genes, genomics resources for abiotic stress management, as well as somatic cell genetics and modern approaches in true-potato-seed technology. The complete genome sequence provides a better understanding of potato biology, underpinning evolutionary process, genetics, breeding and molecular efforts to improve various important traits involved in potato growth and development.

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