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Educational Technology to Improve Quality and Access on a Global Scale

Papers from the Educational Technology World Conference (ETWC 2016)
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Kay Persichitte
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Educational Communications and Technology: Issues and Innovations

Features the best 30 papers presented at ETWC 2016 in Bali by internationally renowned keynote speakers.
Part I: Effective Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning.- Smart Learning Environments.- Using Technologies Effectively.- Problem Solving Strategies of Malaysian teachers.- Elementary School Teachers' Perception of Implementations.- Satisfaction Analysis of Tutorials at Universitas Terbuka.- Effects of Listening Skills on Comprehension.- Implementation of Educational Technology in Schools.- Augmented Reality Applications.- Part II: Quality Design, Development and Implementation.- Instructional Design for Training.- Responsible Uses of Technologies in Teacher Training.- Improving the Quality of Online Discussions.- Evaluation of Academic Services.- Students' Reflective Inquiry Thinking Competencies.- Improving the Quality of Educational Videos.- Differences in Social Presence with Design Implications.- Self-Study and Improved Learning: Case Study in Music.- Examination of Online Discussion Engagement and Collaboration.- Part III: Innovation and Creativity in Distance Education.- Evaluating Creative Uses of ICT.- Preparing Educators for Online.- Improving Learning Engagement in Blended Learning.- E-Learning for Teachers.- Evaluating Prservice Teachers' TPCK.- Designing for Creativity and Cross Cultural Learning.- Investigating Satisfaction with Blended Learning.- Improving Students Interpersonal Skills Using Social Media.- Part IV: Motivation and Open Access, Courses and Resources.- Open, Online Learning and Instruction.- MOOCs for the Indonesian Open University?.-  Challenges and Solutions of Web-based Learning Apps.- Program Application Development.-  Teaching & Learning Materials for Writing English Essays.-  Academic Achievement, Motivation and Professional Competence.-  Tools and Teaching Materials to Acceleration Learning.- Modeling Quality Education Based on Public Records.
This is an edited volume based on expanded versions of the best 30 papers presented at ETWC 2016 in Bali. Included are contributions from the keynote speakers of ETWC 2016: Robert Branch, Tian Belawati, Steve Harmon, Johannes Cronjé, Marc Childress, Mike Spector, Chairul Tanjung, and Rudiantara. The work is organized into the following sections: (a) Effective Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning, (b) Quality Design, Development and Implementation, (c) Innovation and Creativity in Distance Education, and (d) Open Access, Courses and Resources.

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