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Digital Transformation in Financial Services

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Claudio Scardovi
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Analyzes the impacts of digitalization on the global financial system
1 Unbearable lightness of banking.- 2 Synapsis in the global financial system.- 3 In transformation we trust.- 4 Cyber capital at risk.- 5 Digital transformation in payments.- 6 Transformation in funding.- 7 Transformation in investment management.- 8 Transformation in lending.- 9 Transformation in risk management.- 10 Transformation in insurance.- 11 Digital for the greater good.- 12 The synapses challenge ahead.
This book analyzes the set of forces driving the global financial system toward a period of radical transformation and explores the transformational challenges that lie ahead for global and regional or local banks and other financial intermediaries. It is explained how these challenges derive from the newly emerging post-crisis structure of the market and from shadow and digital players across all banking operations. Detailed attention is focused on the impacts of digitalization on the main functions of the financial system, and particularly the banking sector. The author elaborates how an alternative model of banking will enable banks to predict, understand, navigate, and change the external ecosystem in which they compete. The five critical components of this model are data and information mastering; effective use of applied analytics; interconnectivity and "junction playing"; development of new business solutions; and trust and credibility assurance. The analysis is supported by a number of informative case studies. The book will be of interest especially to top and middle managers and employees of banks and financial institutions but also to FinTech players and their advisers and others.

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