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Autor: Dilip Nandwani
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Urban Horticulture

18, Sustainable Development and Biodiversity
Sustainability for the Future
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elopment of horticultural resources
9. Local Food Systems
Urban horticultural technologies facilitate the efficient use of available land in urban and residential areas, helping meet the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables to feed ever-growing urban populations. The amount of green space in urban areas is dwindling due to rising land prices, while the climbing numbers of multi-story buildings are producing various environmental and health issues. Technological advances provide tools and techniques for high-density and vertical cropping in small areas, promoting efficient and sustainable resource utilization. As such, urban horticulture is gaining importance in city planning - not only to bolster the food supply but also to improve the aesthetic value, environmental conditions, landscape, and business environment, while also reducing the consumption of fossil fuel in transportation.

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Autor: Dilip Nandwani
ISBN-13:: 9783319670164
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Gewicht: 581g
Seiten: 249
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