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Autor: Supriya Tiwari
ISBN-13: 9783319718729
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Tropospheric Ozone and its Impacts on Crop Plants

A Threat to Future Global Food Security
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Broadens your understanding of yield loss in plants due to tropospheric ozone
Chapter1: Ozone Concentrations in Troposphere: Historical and Current Perspectives.- Chapter2: Troposheric Ozone Budget: Formation, Depletion and Climate Change.- Chapter3: Effect of Ozone on Physiological and Biochemical Processes of Plants.- Chapter4: Ozone Biomonitoring, Biomass and Yield Response.- Chapter5: Mitigation of Ozone Stress.- Chapter6: Conclusions and Furture Prospects.
The research and its outcomes presented here focuses on tropospheric or ground level ozone, in particular due to its surfacing as a major threat to crop productivity around the world. This book presents the ozone concentration data for a variety of geographical regions, examines the factors responsible for its increasing concentrations and its potential effects on physiological and biochemical responses culminating in crop productivity losses which, in turn may pose a serious threat to global food security. Beside this, certain ameliorative measures that could be adopted to assess ozone injury in plants are also discussed.
Autor: Supriya Tiwari, Madhoolika Agrawal
Dr. Supriya Tiwari is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany at Banaras Hindu University, India. Her research focuses on the formation of ozone and its effects on plant productivity in India. Her evaluations of ozone crop injury and ozone induced yield reductions have made a significant contribution in the planning of sustainable agriculture strategies, cultivation of ozone resistant species, and the use of nutrient amendments and carbon dioxide fertilization.

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Autor: Supriya Tiwari
ISBN-13:: 9783319718729
ISBN: 331971872X
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Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 476g
Seiten: 201
Sprache: Englisch
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