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Autor: Henk Akkermans
ISBN-13: 9783319720166
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Service Operations Dynamics

Managing in an Age of Digitization, Disruption and Discontent
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- Provides an up-to-date and current overview of service operations
This innovative book presents an up-to-date account of service operations, spanning topics such as IT-enabled services, service supply chain and volatility of demand and supply. Combining a systems perspective with a focus on service supply chains, the chapters provide a clearly framed set of mechanisms and theories with a focus on innovation-driven sectors and the game-changing role of IT. With each chapter built around real-life examples and service companies, the primary services supply chain is discussed alongside four key stakeholder groups: workforce, customers and markets, buyers and suppliers, and IT and innovations.
Autor: Henk Akkermans
Henk Akkermans is Professor of Supply Chain Management at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

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Autor: Henk Akkermans
ISBN-13:: 9783319720166
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Gewicht: 360g
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Sprache: Englisch
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