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Autor: Weidong Li
ISBN-13: 9783319734873
Einband: Book
Seiten: 346
Gewicht: 693 g
Format: 241x159x27 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Sustainable Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Management

Process Planning, Optimization and Applications
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Discusses the latest advances in sustainable manufacturing
Introduction.- Part I: Sustainable Machining Planning, Optimization, and Applications.- I: Energy-Aware Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling for Job Shops.- II: A Hybrid Optimization Approach for Sustainable Process Planning and Scheduling.- III: A Systematic Approach of Process Planning and Scheduling Optimization for Sustainable Machining.- IV: Experimental Investigation and Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Low-Carbon Milling Operation of Aluminium.- V: Process Planning Optimization Based on Big Data and Smart Senor-Based Monitoring.- VI: Immune Optimization for Process Planning and Scheduling.- VII: Energy Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing.- VIII: Energy Efficiency, Robustness, and Makespan Optimality in Job-Shop Scheduling Problems.- Part II: Remanufacturing Planning, Optimization, and Applications.- I: A Semantic Information Services Framework for Sustainable WEEE Management towards Cloud-Based Remanufacturing.- II: Customized Disassembly and Processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.- III: A Systematic Selective Disassembly Approach for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment with Case Studies.- IV: Disassembly Sequence Planning using a Simplified Teaching-Learning-based Optimization Algorithm.
This book reports on the latest research and applications in the fields of sustainable manufacturing and remanufacturing, as well as process planning and optimization technologies. It introduces innovative algorithms, methodologies, industrial case studies and applications.
Editiert von: Weidong Li, Sheng Wang
Professor Weidong Li is a professor of Manufacturing at Coventry University, UK. He has more than twenty years' experience in computer-aided design, manufacturing informatics, cloud manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing. His research has been sponsored by a number of research and development projects from the UK EPSRC, EU and European industries. He has published three books and more than 120 research papers.

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Autor: Weidong Li
ISBN-13:: 9783319734873
ISBN: 3319734873
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.08.2018
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 693g
Seiten: 346
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2018
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