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Autor: Magno Trindade
ISBN-13: 9783319735511
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Increased Biodiesel Effiiciency

Green Energy and Technology
Alternatives for Production, Stabilization, Characterization and Use of Coproduct
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Explains how to overcome the economic challenges of biodiesel production
Chapter I: Renewable energy sources: a sustainable strategy for biodiesel productions.- Chapter II: Synthesis of biodiesel via alternative protocols.- Chapter III: Various multi-functional additives for biodiesel stabilization: Perspectives for more cost-effective and efficiency.- Chapter IV: Hydroxychalcones: Synthetic antioxidants for improving stability of biodiesel.- Chapter V: Fluorescence spectroscopy as an alternative analytical tool for monitoring biodiesel oxidative stability.- Chapter VI: Recent advances on sample preparation procedures for elemental determination in biodiesel.- Chapter VII: Alternative uses for biodiesel byproduct: Glycerol as a source of energy and high-value chemicals.
This book advances the use of biodiesel-more environmentally friendly than traditional fossil fuels-by showing how it can be synthesized at a lower cost, with greater efficiency and as a more pure and stable product. It presents methods based on fluorescence spectroscopy, which are less time-consuming than the traditional Rancimat analysis for monitoring stability, and are therefore less prone to allowing oxidative decay in the biofuel. Biodiesel exploits a variety of raw materials, from freshly harvested cottonseed to recycled cooking oil. These are cheap to produce and generate fuel lower in polluting sulphur and aromatic compounds than its petroleum-based equivalent.
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Prof. Dr. Magno Aparecido Gonçalves Trindade is a chemistry graduate (2002) and has a master's degree in chemistry (2005) from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), and a Ph.D in analytical chemistry from the University of São Paulo State (UNESP, 2009). He was a postdoctoral fellow in analytical chemistry at the UNESP (2009-2010) and UFMS (2010) before joining the Federal University of Grande Dourados (2010) as an assistant teacher of analytical chemistry. His scientific interests include biodiesel, electrochemistry methods and sample preparation for biofuel and fuel application. The focus of his biofuel research is alternative multifunctional additives to improve the stability (more efficiently and more cost-effective) of biodiesel or its blends. He is currently investigating electrochemistry methods and sample preparation for biologic and environmental applications. He is the author and co-author of more than 40 articles, two books and three patents on these subjects.

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Autor: Magno Trindade
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