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Autor: Pia Riis Olsen
ISBN-13: 9783319735542
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Nursing Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

Developing Knowledge, Competence and Best Practice
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First book to describe specific nursing knowledge and approaches required in the field of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer care
Chapter 3. Educating and developing AYA Cancer Nurses
nces have been addressed in research and the body of knowledge is growing accordingly. Some books are available that describe AYA cancer care, service delivery and aspects of age appropriate care but this volume will be the first to focus on how nurses contribute to AYA cancer care in practice. It will appeal to the AYA clinical nurses in cancer care, as well as to multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals who support formal nursing education programmes, training and development in practice.
Editiert von: Pia Riis Olsen, Sam Smith
Sam Smith is a qualified paediatric nurse and a specialist practitioner with twenty years of clinical experience, and a nurse consultant for teenagers and young adults. She advises both nationally and internationally on teenage and young adult cancer and is a Board member of various national and international cancer, nursing, policy and research groups. She led and developed UK and European leadership programmes in AYA cancer care; led, developed and published first Nursing competence and career framework in AYA cancer nursing. Sam Smith is also the Editor and author of The Blueprint of Care (AYA Cancer) (2012), and she is an invited speaker at over 50 national and international conferences. She has been awarded by the European Oncology Nursing Society "Lifetime Achievement Award" 2015 in recognition of leading the development of AYA cancer nursing specialty.

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Autor: Pia Riis Olsen
ISBN-13:: 9783319735542
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