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Autor: Hanmin Shi
ISBN-13: 9783319735603
Einband: Book
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Metal Cutting Theory

Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing
New Perspectives and New Approaches
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Discusses non-Euclidian geometry and its application to metal cutting
The Way of Expressing, Analyzing and Calculating Space Angles on A Plane.- The Way of Analyzing And Calculating Cutting Tool Angles In A Projection Plane.- A Study On Curved Edge Drills.- Approximate Solutions For Space Angle Problems.- The Principle of Minimum Energy Dissipation In Metal Cutting.- The Chip-Ejection Interference and Compromise in Non-Free Cutting.- Non-linear Synthetic Method For Modeling Modern Cutting Tools.- Bifurcation And Catastrophe In Metal Cutting Process.- The Principles And The Law For Free Cutting Tool Design.- The Constraint Conditions For Free-Cutting Tool Design.
This book summarizes the author's lifetime achievements, offering new perspectives and approaches in the field of metal cutting theory and its applications. The topics discussed include Non-Euclidian Geometry of Cutting Tools, Non-free Cutting Mechanics and Non-Linear Machine Tool Dynamics, applying non-linear science/complexity to machining, and all the achievements and their practical significance have been theoretically proved and experimentally verified.
Autor: Hanmin Shi
Hanmin Shi is a world expert on machining and machine tools with special expertise in the areas metal cutting theory and its applications, including Non-Euclidian Geometry of Cutting Tools, Non-Free Cutting Mechanics and Non-Linear Machine Tool Dynamics. During his career he has held research and professorial appointments at universities in the UK, USA, China and Japan. Professor Shi has published more than 300 papers, 13 books (in Chinese) and two translated books.

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Autor: Hanmin Shi
ISBN-13:: 9783319735603
ISBN: 3319735608
Erscheinungsjahr: 24.03.2018
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 769g
Seiten: 364
Sprache: Englisch
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