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Chinese Lexical Semantics

10709, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
18th Workshop, CLSW 2017, Leshan, China, May 18-20, 2017, Revised Selected Papers
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¿On le2: Its Nature and Syntactic Status.- A Study on the Counter-expectation and Semantic Construal Strategy of Implicit Negative Adverbs.- Study of Sentence Patterns of "You" Sentence Based on Semantic Dependence Graph Bank.- On the quantification of events  in doua construction .- Approximate Constructions Using duo 'more' in Chinese.- A Comparative Study on the Definition of Adverbs.- Temporal Behavior of Temporal Modifiers and Its Implications:  The Case of benlái and yuánlái in Mandarin Chinese.- Distributive Quantifier mei in Mandarin Chinese.- On the semantic functions and denotations of jingcháng and chángcháng.- On the Grammaticalization of Chinese Prefix Di .- The Degree Usage of Cai and Relevant Issues.- A study on the third interpretation of 'V+ Duration Phrase' in Chinese from the perspective of qualia structure.- Semantic Classification and Category Expansion  of "Qing  X" in Modern Chinese.- Three Registers behind two Characters: an Analysis of the Words' Formation and their Registers.- The Meaning of Polysemous Adjective "Hao(Good)".- The (Dis) appearance of Affected Role "lìng/shi..." in the Causative Adjective-Noun Composition.- The Study of Content Restriction of Mandarin you Measure Construction.- Metaphors in Chinese Accompanying Gesture Modality  and Cognition .- Competition and Differentiation of a Pair of Morpheme-inverted Words in Mandarin Chinese: Dòuzheng and Zhengdòu.- The Polylexicalization and Grammaticalization of Zhiyu.- Research on the Recognition of Chinese Autonomous Verbs Based on Semantic Selection Restriction and Natural Annotation Information.- Disambiguating Polysemous Word Senses Based on Semantic Types and Syntactic Collocations: A Case Study of "Zhongguo+N".- Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words with CenterNP and syntactic-semantic features.- Acquiring Selectional Preferences for Knowledge Base Construction.- Identifying Chinese Event Factuality with Convolutional Neural Networks.- Recognizing Textual Entailment Using Inference Phenomenon.- Deriving Probabilistic Semantic Frames from HowNet.- Semantic Relations Mining in Social Tags Based on a Modern Chinese Semantic Dictionary.- The Study of Indian Domain Ontology Building Based on the Framework of HNC.- Mandarin Relata: A Dataset of Word Relations and Their Semantic Types.- Quantitative Analysis of Synergetic Properties in Chinese Nouns.- Construction of an Online Lexicon of Chinese Loan Words and Phrases Translated from English.- Study on the Annotation Framework of Chinese Logic Complement Semantics.- Building A Parallel Corpus with Bilingual Discourse Alignment.- NTU-EA: A Graphic Program for Error Annotation.- A Comparable Corpus-based Genre Analysis of Research Article Introductions.- Figurative Language in Emotion Expressions.- From Linguistic Synaesthesia to Embodiment: Asymmetrical Representations of Taste and Smell in Mandarin Chinese.- A Study on Chinese Vocabulary Learning Strategies of Second Language Learners.- A Study on the Distribution Differences of Sentence Group Coherence in Chinese Texts of Different Genres.- The Construction and Application of The Legal Corpus .- Research on the Lexicography Based on the Corpus of International Chinese Teaching Materials.- Research on Dynamic Words and Their Automatic Recognition in Chinese Information Processing.- Matching Pattern Acquisition Approach for Ancient Chinese Treebank Construction.- Annotation Guidelines of Semantic Roles for Semantic Dependency Graph Bank.- Chinese Conjunctions in Second Language Learners' Written Texts.- Study on Lexical Gap Phenomenon at the Primary Stage of Vocabulary Teaching in TCFL.- Study on Chinglish in Web Text for Natural Language Processing.- Construction of a Database of Parallel Phrases in Chinese and Arabic.- A Study on the Discourse Connectives in Analects of the Sixth Chan Patriarch Huineng.- Transitivity Variations in Mandarin  VO Compounds --- A Comparable Corpus-based  Statistical Approach.- Entrenchment and Creativity in Chinese Quadrasyllabic Idiomatic Expressions.- A Study on Chinese Synonyms: From the Perspective of Collocations.
This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the 18th Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop, CLSW 2017, held in Leshan, China, in May 2017.

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