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Autor: Lenore Walker
ISBN-13: 9783319736204
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Handbook of Sex Trafficking

Feminist Transnational Perspectives
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Both intervention and prevention issues are discussed
Part I:What is Sex Trafficking?.- Defining Sex Trafficking.- Transnational Feminism.- Perspectives From a Victim's Center .- Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.- The Concept of Choice.- An Organizational Systems View of Sex Trafficking.- Part II: Who are the victims?.- Vulnerability Factors When Women and Girls are Trafficked.- Men, Boys, & LGBTQ: Invisible Victims of Human Trafficking.- Forced Child and Arranged Marriages.- Unaccompanied Refuge Children in Greece: Assessment, Trauma, Sexual Exploitation, and Shattering of Identity.- Part III: Buyers and Traffickers.- Traffickers.- Organized crime, Gangs & Trafficking.- Family Members and Trafficking: Story of Alex's Disappearance.- Victims Becoming Victimizers.- My Experience as a Human Trafficking Financial Crimes Investigator.- Part IV: Prevention.- Safe Schools Skills Sets:Human Trafficking Resiliency Program.- Human Trafficking Prevention Efforts for Kids.- Transportation, Hospitality, and Trafficking.- Part V: Intervention.- Evidence Based Psychotherapy Programs for Complex Trauma.- Psychological Intervention with Sex Trafficked Persons: Assessment and Survivor Therapy Empowerment Program (STEP).- Rebuilding Healthy Sexual Life Styles for Trafficking Survivors.- Treating Victims of Human Trafficking: Core Therapeutic Tasks.- Clinician-Survivor-Driven Mentor Model Clinician-Survivor-Driven Mentor Model.- Approaches to Bolster Resilience in Human Trafficking Survivors.- Ways to Bolster Resilience in LGBTQ Youth.- Part VI: Healing and Rehabilitation.- Religion and Spirituality.- Hope & Healing.- From Trafficked to Safe House.- Part VII: Views Around the World.- Statistics Around the World.- Great Britain & the United Kingdom.- Latin America.- PTSD in Trafficking Survivors in Greece.- Yazidi Genocide .
This definitive reference assembles the current knowledge base on the scope and phenomena of sex trafficking as well as best practices for treatment of its survivors. A global feminist framework reflects a profound understanding of the entrenched social inequities and ongoing world events that fuel trafficking, including in its lesser-known forms. Empirically sound insights shed salient light on who buyers and traffickers are, why some survivors become victimizers, and the experiences of victim subpopulations (men, boys, refugees, sexual minorities), as well as emerging trends in prevention and protection, resilience and rehabilitation. These powerful dispatches also challenge readers to consider complex questions found at the intersections of gender, race, socioeconomic status, and politics.
Editiert von: Lenore Walker, Giselle Gaviria, Kalyani Gopal
DR. LENORE E. A. WALKERProfessor of Psychology & Coordinator, Ph.D. & PsyD. Clinical Forensic Psychology Concentration Program Director, M.S. in Forensic Psychology Nova Southeastern University

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Autor: Lenore Walker
ISBN-13:: 9783319736204
ISBN: 3319736205
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2019
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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