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Autor: Joachim P. Sturmberg
ISBN-13: 9783319736358
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Putting Systems and Complexity Sciences Into Practice

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Discusses how to successfully achieve change and avoid change fatigue
Introduction.- Learning: Contemplating the Unexamined Core of Learning Health Systems.-From Clinical Ethics to Big Data Analytics: Applying Systems and Complexity Science to the Care of Hospitalized Patients.- Visualisation in Simulation of Complex Systems in Healthcare.- Social and institutional change in complex health systems: Lessons learned.- The Complex Relationship Between Health Outcomes and Health Factors in the Pacific Northwest.- Pitfalls in Identifying High Performers in Diabetes Overtreatment: Positive Deviance may be neither Positive nor Deviant. -Why the Interdisciplinary Team Approach Works: Insights from Complexity Science.- The multiple networks of multimorbidity.- Changing the Medical Paradigm: Why the Allostatic Model Makes More Sense.- New Ways of Knowing and Researching: Integrating Systems and Complexity into a Translational Health Sciences PhD.- Transforming Monitoring and Improving Care with Variability-derived Clinical Decision Support.- The Impact of Relational Coordination on Collaboration, Care, and Thinking.
This idea-packed resource takes systems and complexity sciences out of blue-sky territory and into the concrete world of contemporary healthcare practice. Beginning with a new reframing of health and illness, its chapters redesign traditional disease-centered models of care into modern, health-centered-and patient-centered-health service systems. The approaches shown here combine innovation and common sense to recognize and attend to patients' needs across areas including health education and training, information accessibility, health service organization and delivery, and disease in individual context. The variety of solutions applied to this wide spectrum of issues shows the suitability of systems, complexity, and adaptive thinking to the ongoing objectives of making health services more responsive, effective, and equitable. Highlights of the coverage:    Healthy smoker: an oxymoron? Maybe, but it is more complicated than thatTransforming monitoring and improving care with variability-derived clinical decision supportLinking Gulf War illness to genome instability, somatic evolution, and complex adaptive systemsComplexity of knowledge in primary care: understanding the discipline's requisite knowledge: a bibliometric studyNew ways of knowing and researching: integrating complexity into a translational health sciences programUnderstanding the emergency department ecosystem using agent-based modelling Putting Systems and Complexity Sciences into Practice is an inspiring idea book that sill interest health policymakers, health financiers, organizational leaders, healthcare administrators, clinicians, researchers, students, and interested lay readers.
Editiert von: Joachim P. Sturmberg
Joachim P. Sturmberg, MBBS, DORACOG, MFM, PhD, FRACGP, is conjoint associate professor of General Practice in the School of Medicine and Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medicine, at The University of Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia. He is a graduate of Lübeck Medical School in Germany, where he also completed his PhD. Since 1989, Sturmberg has worked in an urban group practice in the Central Coast of New South Wales. His research focuses on understanding the complex interconnected features of person-centered healthcare. Together with his collaborators, Sturmberg proposes that a truly functional health system ought to always focus on the needs of the person/patient across all domains affecting health -- local health delivery services, local and regional social and economic infrastructure and services, as well as in all portfolios at the national policy levels. These complex interdependent features of a person-centered healthcare system are described by the health vortex model. Sturmberg's current research focuses on operationalizing the health vortex model, integrating the physiology of health with health care delivery, the socioeconomic domains affecting health, and the impact of policy decisions on health and the healthcare system.

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Autor: Joachim P. Sturmberg
ISBN-13:: 9783319736358
ISBN: 3319736353
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2018
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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