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Autor: Gabriel Cismaru
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Arrhythmia Induction in the EP Lab

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Practical guide entirely devoted to arrhythmia induction in the EP lab
1 Introduction: Why do we need arrhythmia induction.- 2 Isoprenaline.- 3 Adrenaline.- 4 Atropine.- 5 Salbutamol.- 6 Caffeine.- 7 Adenosine.- 8 Dobutamine.- 9 Dopamine.- 10 Noradrenaline.- 11 Aminophylline.- 12 Inducibility of ventricular fibrillation with flecainide and ajmaline during programmed ventricular stimulation in patients with Brugada syndrome.- 13 What to do when clinical arrhythmia is uninducible. Stepwise approach.
Each chapter begins with a description of the drug's chemical structure and mechanism of actions, then illustrates the infusion preparation, dosage and side effects and lastly analyzes its electrophysiological properties and highlights the most important clinical studies on it. For each drug the authors list - in dedicated tables - administration protocols from their own hospital.
Editiert von: Gabriel Cismaru
His main research interests are: arrhythmias, catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, pacemaker and internal defibrillator implantation. He has authored or coauthored peer-reviewed articles on cardiac arrhythmias, electrophysiology and catheter ablation. He is co-author of a number of book chapters and editor of following 2 books in the field of electrophysiology: Bedside Procedures and Brugada Syndrome.

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Autor: Gabriel Cismaru
ISBN-13:: 9783319927282
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