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Frontiers of Dynamic Games

Game Theory and Management, St. Petersburg, 2017
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Leon A. Petrosyan
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Static & Dynamic Game Theory: Foundations & Applications

Covers a wide spectrum of topics in game theory
Countervailing Power with Large and Small Retailers.- Dynamic Voluntary Provision of Public Goods: The Recursive Nash Bargaining Solution.- Altruistic, Aggressive and Paradoxical Types of Behavior in a Differential Two-Person Game.- Learning in a Game of Strategic Experimentation With Three-Armed Exponential Bandits.- Solution for a System of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations of Special Type and a Link with Nash Equilibrium.- The Impact of Discounted Indices on Equilibrium Strategies of Players in Dynamical Bimatrix Games.- On Control Reconstruction Problems for Dynamic Systems Linear in Controls.- Evolution of Risk-Statuses in One Model of Tax Control.- Stationary Nash Equilibria for Average Stochastic Positional Games.- Game Equilibria and Transition Dynamics in Networks with Heterogeneous Agents.- Non-cooperative Differential Game Model of Oil Market with Looking Forward Approach.- S-Strongly Time-consistency in Differential Games.- Characteristic Functions in a Linear Oligopoly TU Game.- The Position Value and the Myerson Value for Hypergraph Communication Situations.- Bertrand Meets Ford: Benefits and Losses.- On Multilateral Hierarchical Dynamic Decisions.
This volume collects contributions from the talks given at the Game Theory and Management Conference held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in June 2017. It covers a wide spectrum of topics, among which are: game theory and management applications in fields such as: strategic management, industrial organization, marketing, operations and supply chain management, public management, financial management, human resources, energy and resource management, and others; cooperative games; dynamic games; evolutionary games; stochastic games.

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