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Autor: Melanie P. Duckworth
ISBN-13: 9783319930022
Einband: Book
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Behavioral Medicine and Integrated Care

Efficient Delivery of Effective Treatments
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Provides an overview of the pathways and skills involved in integrating behavioral medicine and primary care medicine
Behavioral Medicine and Integrated Care.- Introduction.- The Intersecting Impacts of Behavioral Medicine and Integrated Care.- The Epidemiology of Medical Diseases and Associated Behavioral Risk Factors.- Medically Underserved Populations.- Key Problems in Healthcare Service Delivery.- Provider Training: Recognizing the Relevance of Behavioral Medicine and the Importance of Behavioral Health Consultations and Referrals.- Patient Screening: Identifying Behavioral Health Risks to Prevent and Reduce Disease Burden.- Assessment: Identifying, Conceptualizing and Communicating the Interacting Impacts of Physical and Psychological Conditions.- Evidence-Based Treatments: Adapting Behavioral Medicine Change Strategies to Meet the Needs of Integrated Care...With an Appreciation of Culture.- Key Challenges to Care Integration.- Electronic Patient Health Record.- Care Costs and Billing: Pay Now or Pay Later .- Quality Improvement: Ensuring the Effectiveness of Care and Reducing Healthcare Overutilization.- Health Risk and Care Delivery Factors that Are Key to Healthcare Cost Containment.- Surgical Preparation.- Prescribing and Dispensing Medication.- Chronic Disease Management: Motivating and Supporting Self-Management of Health Risk Behaviors.- Chronic Disease Management: Increasing Patient Self-Efficacy and Treatment Adherence.- Chronic Disease Management: Meeting the Care Needs of Patients with Multiple Medical Conditions .- Exercise.- Smoking.- Sleep.- Stress.- Step-by-Step Guide to "Doing" Behavioral Health in the Context of Integrated Care.- COPD.- Cancer.- Cardiovascular Disease.- Chronic Pain.- Dementia.- Diabetes.- The Way Forward.- Conclusions and Future Directions
This evidence-to-practice volume deftly analyzes the processes and skills of integrating mental healthcare with primary care, using multiple perspectives to address challenges that often derail these joint efforts. Experts across integrative medicine offer accessible blueprints for smoothly implementing data-based behavioral interventions, from disease management strategies to treatment of psychological problems, into patient-centered, cost-effective integrated care. Coverage highlights training and technology issues, key healthcare constructs that often get lost in translation, and other knowledge necessary to create systems that are rooted in-and contribute to-a robust evidence base. Contributors also provide step-by-step guidelines for integrating behavioral health care delivery in treating cancer, dementia, and chronic pain.
Editiert von: Melanie P. Duckworth, William O'Donohue
Melanie Duckworth, Ph.D is an associate professor and director of psychological services at the University of Nevada, Reno. She received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Georgia and completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at Brown University School of Medicine. Her clinical and research interests and activities are in the areas of posttraumatic stress and coping consequent to psychological and physical injury.

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Autor: Melanie P. Duckworth
ISBN-13:: 9783319930022
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2018
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Seiten: 418
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