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Autor: Jane Buikstra
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Bioarchaeologists Speak Out

Deep Time Perspectives on Contemporary Issues
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Bioarchaeological data are frequently overlooked, used selectively, and misused by popular writers and the media in characterizing, for example, past patterns of conflict, nutrition related disease, epidemics, massacres, and general health when faced with climate changeMany contemporary topics are frequently misrepresented to non-scholarly audiences and why bioarchaeological data and bioarchaeologists are too infrequently engaged in public representationsBioarchaeologists need more active and engaged professionals to become public intellectuals in order to prevent misconceptions and demonstrate the importance of our research to modern populations.
1: Bioarchaeologists Speak Out: An Introduction.- 2: Knowing Your Audience: Reactions to the Human Body, Dead and Undead.- 3: Bioarchaeological Evidence for Prehistoric Violence: Use and Misuse in the Popular Media.- 4: Bridging the Precontact and Postcontact Divide in Eastern North America: Prior Conditions Set the Stage for Historic-Period Outcomes.- 5: Misconceptions about the Bioarchaeology of Plague.- 6: Changing The Climate: Bioarchaeology Responds to Deterministic Thinking about Human-Environmental Interactions in the Past.- 7: Stone agers in the Fast-Lane? How bioarchaeologists can address the Paleo Diet myth.- 8: Ancient Migrations: Biodistance, genetics, and the persistence of typological thinking.- 9: Opening up the family tree: promoting more diverse and inclusive studies of family, kinship, and relatedness in Bioarchaeology.- 10: The Fallacy of the Transgender Skeleton.- 11: The Body-as-Evidence Paradigm in Domestic and International Forensic Anthropology.- 12: Contributions of Mummy Science to Public Perception of the Past.- 13: Writing Bioarchaeological Stories to Right Past Wrongs.- 14: Bioarchaeology and the Media: Anthropology SciComm in a Post-Truth Landscape.
Current issues such as climate change, droughts, warfare, violence, famine, and the effects of disease are media mainstays and are subjects familiar to bioarchaeologists, many of whom have empirical data and informed viewpoints, both for topical exploration and also for predictions based on human behavior in deep time.
Editiert von: Jane Buikstra
Jane E. Buikstra is Regents' Professor of Bioarchaeology and Founding Director, Center for Bioarchaeological Research in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. Professor Buikstra was elected to the National Academy of Sciences (1987), and she is past president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, the American Anthropological Association and the Paleopathology Association. She is also president of the Center for American Archeology. Dr. Buikstra has received the Pomerance Award for Scientific Contributions to Archaeology by the Archaeological Institute of America (2005), the T. Dale Stewart Award by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (2008), the Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2008), the Eve Cockburn Award for Service from the Paleopathology Association (2011), an honorary Doctor of Science Degree from Durham University (UK) ( 2014), and The Lloyd Cotsen Prize for Lifetime Achievement in World Archaeology (2016).

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Autor: Jane Buikstra
ISBN-13:: 9783319930114
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