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Autor: Jens Horbach
ISBN-13: 9783319930183
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New Developments in Eco-Innovation Research

Sustainability and Innovation
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Presents contributions from leading eco-innovation researchersOutlines future lines of development in eco-innovation research from an interdisciplinary perspective
New Developments in Eco-Innovation Research: Aim of the Book and Overview of the Different Chapters.- Changing Patterns in Eco-Innovation Research: A Bibliometric Analysis.- On the Economic Returns of Eco-Innovation: Where Do We Stand?.- Shaping System Innovation: Transformative Environmental Policies.- Outlook: Can Environmental Product Standards Enable Eco-Innovation?.- Disentanglin Technological Innovations: A Micro-econometric Analysis of Their Determinants.- The Impact of Resource Efficiency Measures on Performance in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.- Good Enough! Are Socially Responsible Companies the More Successful Environmental Innovators?.- Environmental Innovation and Corporate Sustainability: A 15-year Comparison Based on Survey Data.- Effects of Innovation and Domestic Market Factors on OECD Countries' Exports of Wind Power Technologies.- Exploring the Role of Instrument Design and Instrument Interaction for Eco-Innovation: A Survey-based Analysis of Renewable Energy Innovation in Germany.- Corporate Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry - How Eco-Innovations Can Lead to a (More) Sustainable Business Model in the Fashion Industry.- Towards a Dynamic Understanding of Innovation Systems: An Integrated TIS-MLP Approach for Wind Turbines.
Eco-innovations are crucial for reducing the environmental damages arising from economic activities, and are one of the main drivers of a successful transition towards sustainable development and remedying essential climate change problems. This book provides an overview of recent advances in the rapidly growing field of eco-innovation research, adopts an interdisciplinary perspective and outlines the main future developmental trends. A broad range of topics are addressed, including a bibliometric analysis of eco-innovation research, the relationship between eco-innovation and corporate sustainability, eco-innovation system analysis, new evidence on the economic effects of eco-innovation, and the relevance of policy and policy mixes for eco-innovation activities. The book is dedicated to Klaus Rennings, one of the most important representatives of this field, who unexpectedly passed away in September 2015.
Editiert von: Jens Horbach, Christiane Reif
Prof. Dr. Jens Horbach is Professor of Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. He holds a PhD from Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremberg. From 1992 to 1996 he worked as scientific staff member at the Institute for Economic Research in Halle. Horbach¿s current research interests focus on the empirical analysis of the determinants and effects of environmental innovations. He has published in major journals such as Research Policy or Ecological Economics.

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Autor: Jens Horbach
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