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Autor: Hyojung Sun
ISBN-13: 9783319930213
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Digital Revolution Tamed

The Case of the Recording Industry
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A comprehensive introduction to the mutual shaping of technological and societal change in the recording industry.Offers an up-to-date assessment of the detailed process involved in the technological development of the digital recording industry, featuring a number of topical cases and examples including Napster, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify.Moves beyond traditional views of technological change by looking at multiple loci and their respective roles and contributions to technological development and innovation practices.Draws insights from across Science and Technology Studies, and in particular the Social Shaping of Technology perspectives of Donald MacKenzie and Judy Wajcman.
List of Figures.- List of Tables.- List of Abbreviations.- Chapter 1 Introduction.- Chapter 2 Towards a More Sophisticated Account.- Chapter 3 The History of Technological Development in the Recording Industry.- Chapter 4 Evolution of Digital Music Services.- Chapter 5 Case Study - Spotify.- Chapter 6 Digital Music Distribution Networks.- Chapter 7 Case Study - INgrooves.- Chapter 8 Digital Revolution Tamed in the Recording Industry.- Bibliography.
This book explores why widespread predictions of the radical transformation in the recording industry did not materialise. Although the growing revenue generated from streaming signals the recovery of the digital music business, it is important to ask to what extent is the current development a response to digital innovation. Hyojung Sun finds the answer in the detailed innovation process that has taken place since Napster. She reassesses the way digital music technologies were encultured in complex music valorisation processes and demonstrates how the industry has become reintermediated rather than disintermediated.
Autor: Hyojung Sun
Hyojung Sun is currently working as a research fellow at Ulster University, UK, leading a UK-government sponsored research project entitled Music 2025, which aims to untangle the complex issues involved around the transparency of data in digital music contents. She obtained her PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

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Autor: Hyojung Sun
ISBN-13:: 9783319930213
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2018
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Gewicht: 559g
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Sprache: Englisch
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