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Cell Biology and Translational Medicine, Volume 1

1079, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine: Advances and Challenges
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Embryonic Stem Cells in Development and Regenerative Medicine.- Adult Stem Cells and Medicine.- Stem Cells in Regenerative Cardiology.- The Potency of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Cartilage Regeneration and Osteoarthritis Treatment.- Pericytes: the role of multipotent stem cells in vascular maintenance and regenerative medicine.- Stem Cell Therapy: Repurposing Cell-Based Regenerative Medicine Beyond Cell Replacement.- Stem cells in Alzheimer's disease: current standing and future challenges.- Developments in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion and Gene Editing Technologies.- Clinical applications of induced pluripotent stem cells - stato attuale.- Safety and efficacy of human epigenetically converted fibroblasts into insulin-secreting cells: a preclinical study.
Much research has focused on the basic cellular and molecular biological aspects of stem cells. Much of this research has been fueled by their potential for use in regenerative medicine applications, which has in turn spurred growing numbers of translational and clinical studies. However, more work is needed if the potential is to be realized for improvement of the lives and well-being of patients with numerous diseases and conditions.

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Autor: Kursad Turksen
ISBN-13:: 9783319938660
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