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Autor: László Miklós
ISBN-13: 9783319940175
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Ecological Networks and Territorial Systems of Ecological Stability

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Discusses the theory of ecological networks, an applied method of econet design, up to its implementation for legislative, planning and projecting purposes at national, regional, and local level
1. Introduction.- 2. Starting points for creating ecological networks.- 3. Methodological base for development of the territorial system of ecological stability.- 4. Method and procedures of designing the territorial system of ecological stability.- 5. Conclusion.- 6. Summary.- 7. References.- 8. Case study: Evaluation of linear formations of non-forest woody vegetation (biocorridors) for the territorial systems of ecological stability (model territory: the village of Zibritov).
This book provides a wealth of information for all those involved in using ecological networks for biodiversity protection and environmental management, as well as their significance for planning. It describes the concept of ecological networks, and presents methods and real-world examples of the use of a territorial system of ecological stability (TSES) in Slovakia at national, regional and local levels, including the assessment of the significance of biocentres, biocorridors and interactive elements. Using both a functional model for preserving the living conditions of habitats or preventing their collapse, and the connectivity of biotopes in a landscape as an original type of ecological network based on landscape-ecological principles, TSES represents a modern concept of nature and biodiversity protection based on the principles of protection of the conditions and forms of biota.

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Autor: László Miklós
ISBN-13:: 9783319940175
ISBN: 3319940171
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2018
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Gewicht: 363g
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