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Autor: Gérald Bronner
ISBN-13: 9783319940267
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The Mystery of Rationality

Lecture Notes in Morphogenesis
Mind, Beliefs and Social Sciences
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Focuses on the nature and the limitations of rationality
Introduction: Rationality as an Enigmatic concept.- Our Agenda and Its Rationality.- Intentional, unintentional and sub-intentional aspects of "social mechanisms".- On the Explanation of Human Action: "Good reasons", critical rationalism and argumentation theory.- Rationality, Irrationality, Realism and the Good.- First Generation Behavioral Economists on Rationality, and Its Limits.- Embodied rationality.- Rational Choice Explained and Defended.- Rationality and irrationality revisited or Intellectualism vindicated or how stands the problem of the rationality of magic?.- Rational life plans?
Analysis of the concept of rationality is a leitmotiv in the history of the social sciences and has involved endless disputes. Since it is difficult to give a precise definition of this concept, and there is a lack of agreement about its meaning, it is possible to say that there is a `mystery of rationality¿. What is it to be rational? Is rationality merely instrumental or does it also involve the endorsement of values, i.e. the choice of goals? Should we consider rationality to be a normative principle or a descriptive one? Can rationality be only Cartesian or can it also be argumentative? Is rationality a conscious skill or a partly tacit one? This book, which has been written by an outstanding collection of authors, including both philosophers and social scientists, tries to make a useful contribution to the debates on these problems and shed some light on the mystery of rationality.

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Autor: Gérald Bronner
ISBN-13:: 9783319940267
ISBN: 3319940260
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Gewicht: 565g
Seiten: 259
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