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Multislice CT

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H. Alkadhi
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Medical Radiology

Provides a comprehensive update on the most recent developments and trends in the application of multidetector CT
Technique: CT Technique and Future Developments.- Fundamentals and First Clinical Experience with 256-Slice CT.- 3D Imaging with Flat-Detector C-Arm Systems .- Radiation Exposure and Protection.- Dual Energy CT - Technical Background.- Radiation Exposure in Cardiac CT.- Radiation Risk Associated with CT Screening .- Contrast Agent Application and Protocols.- Neuro / Ear-Nose-Throat: Perfusion Imaging of Acute Ischemic Brain Injury.- Neurovascular CT Angiography.- Anatomy and Pathology of the Temporal Bone.- Pathologies of the Orbita.- Dental CT: Pathological Findings of the Teeth and Jaw .- Anatomy and Corresponding Oncologic Imaging of the Neck.- Cardiovascular Imaging: Non-Invasive Coronary Artery Imaging.-Technical Innovations in Cardiac and Coronary MSCT.- Visualization of Coronary Artery Stents.- Acute Chest Pain .- The Role of Cardiac CT in Surgery.- New Indications for Cardiac CTA.- Complementary Role of Cardio CT and MR.- Complementary Role of Cardio CT and Nuclear .- Szintigraphy.- CT Angiography of the Aorta .- CT Angiography of Spinal Arteries .- CTA of the Peripheral Run-Off.- Lung: Interstitial Lung Disease.- Inflammatory Lung Disease.- CT of the Airways.- Oncology: Urogenital Tumors.- PET/CT in Oncology.- Liver Tumors.- MDCT of Pancreas Tumors.- PET/CT in Neuroendocrine Tumors.- Imaging of Colorectal Tumors.- Bone Metastases and Myeloma.- Dual Energy CT: Abdominal Application.- Intervention: CT-Guided Biopsy and Drainage.- Vertebroplasty .- Radio Frequency Ablation with CT.- Rotational C-Arm CT in Neuroradiology.- Rotational C-Arm CT in Liver-Intervention.- Trauma Imaging / Acute Care: Management of Multi-System Trauma.- Subject Index.- List of Contributors.
It is a great pleasure to introduce this third, completely revised and updated edition of the s- cessful volume on multislice CT, which was frst published in 2002. It is amazing to observe the continuing rapid technological development in multislice CT and its new clinical applications. Tis volume again ofers a comprehensive overview of all recent new experimental and clinical research in this feld, but it also includes new chapters on dynamic volume CT with 320 detector rows and on fat detector CT. Numerous new and excellent illust- tions help to push this book into an even higher scientifc orbit. I am again deeply indebted to the editors, M.F. Reiser, C.R. Becker, K. Nikolaou, and G. Glazer, for their high level of dedication and eforts to edit this 3rd volume in such a short time period in order to include all the latest advances in multislice CT. I also congratulate the editors and the contributing authors, all internationally well-known CT experts, on the in-depth coverage of the individual chapters. Tis volume is a must for certifed radiologists to update their knowledge and a source of - sic information on CT for radiologists in training. Referring medical and surgical specialists will fnd it very useful for the daily clinical management of their patients. Leuven Albert L. B aert Series Editor Preface Multi-detector row technology has become an established CT imaging modality worldwide.

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