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Advances in Web Intelligence and Data Mining

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23, Studies in Computational Intelligence

Recent advances in algorithmic techniques in data mining
1.- DataRover: An Automated System for Extracting Product Information From Online Catalogs.- A New Path Generalization Algorithm for HTML Wrapper Induction.- Trustworthiness Measurement Methodology for e-Business.- Routing Using Messengers in Sparse and Disconnected Mobile Sensor Networks.- Content Consistency Model for Pervasive Internet Access.- Content Description Model and Framework for Efficient Content Distribution.- Exploiting Wikipedia in Integrating Semantic Annotation with Information Retrieval.- Ontology based Query Rewriting on Integrated XML based Information Systems.- Visually Exploring Concept-Based Fuzzy Clusters in Web Search Results.- A Grid Scheduling Optimization Strategy Based on Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Group Decision-Making.- An Adaptive PC to Mobile Web Contents Transcoding System Based on MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework.- Recommendation Framework for Online Social Networks.- Packet Manipulating Based on Zipf's Distribution to Protect from Attack in P2P Information Retrieval.- Investigation of the Fuzzy System for the Assessment of Cadastre Operators' Work.- DLAIP: A Description Logic Based Approach for Dynamic Semantic Web Services Composition.- Adding Support to User Interaction in Egovernment Environment.- Using Consensus Methodology in Processing Inconsistency of Knowledge.- Creating Synthetic Temporal Document Collections for Web Archive Benchmarking.- Predicting Stock Trends with Time Series Data Mining and Web Content Mining.- CatS: A Classification-Powered Meta-Search Engine.- A Decision Tree Framework for Semi-Automatic Extraction of Product Attributes from the Web.- A Dynamic Generation Algorithm for Meta Process in Intelligent Platform of Virtual Travel Agency.- Linguistic Summaries of Standardized Documents.- A Web-knowledge-based Clustering Model for Gene Expression Data Analysis.- 2.- Estimations of Similarity in Formal Concept Analysis of Data with Graded Attributes.- Kernels for the Relevance Vector Machine - An Empirical Study.- A Decision-Tree Framework for Instance-space Decomposition.- On prokaryotes' clustering based on curvature distribution.- Look-Ahead Mechanism Integration in Decision Tree Induction Models.- Feature Selection by Combining Multiple Methods.- Clustering and Classification of Textual Documents Based on Fuzzy Quantitative Similarity Measure - a Practical Evaluation.- Oriented k-windows: A PCA driven clustering method.- A cluster stability criteria based on the two-sample test concept.
This book presents state-of-the-art developments in the area of computationally intelligent methods applied to various aspects and ways of Web exploration and Web mining. Some novel data mining algorithms that can lead to more effective and intelligent Web-based systems are also described. Scientists, engineers, and research students can expect to find many inspiring ideas in this volume.

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