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Reverse Logistics

Quantitative Models for Closed-Loop Supply Chains
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Reverse logistics is a new important topic as companies nowadays are more and more forced to take back used and obsolete products
1 A Framework for Reverse Logistics.- 2 Quantitative Models for Reverse Logistics Decision Making.- 3 Managing Product Returns: The Role of Forecasting.- 4 Reverse Logistics Network Design.- 5 Collection and Vehicle Routing Issues in Reverse Logistics.- 6 Product Returns: Handling and Warehousing Issues.- 7 Lot Sizing Decisions in Product Recovery Management.- 8 Stochastic Inventory Control for Product Recovery.- 9 Managing Dynamic Product Recovery.- 10 Production Planning for Product Recovery Management.- 11 Valuation of Inventories in Product Recovery Systems.- 12 Coordination in Closed-Loop Supply Chains.- 13 Long-term Analysis of Closed-loop Supply Chains.- 14 LCA for Evaluating End-of-life Options of Spent Products.- 15 Models for Eco-eco Closed-loop Supply Chain Optimization.- 16 ICT Enabling Reverse Logistics.- Append.- Notation.- References.
This book addresses decision making in reverse logistics, which concerns the integration of used and obsolete products back into the supply chain as valuable resources. It covers a wide range of aspects, related to distribution, production and inventory management, and supply chain management. For each topic, it highlights key managerial issues in real-life examples and explains which quantitative models are available for addressing them. By treating a broad range of issues in a unified way, the book offers the reader a comprehensive view on the field of reverse logistics.

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