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Prostate Cancer

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J. Ramon
175, Recent Results in Cancer Research
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This comprehensive and easy-to-read monograph is an authoritative update on clinical prostate cancer. It has been prepared by an international, multidisciplinary team at the invitation of the International Prostate Health Council think tank. A particular strength of the book is its presentation of the therapeutic options for patients with localized and advanced disease, including hormonal treatment.
Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer.- Natural History of Prostatic Carcinoma: The Pathologists Perspective.- Prognostic Factors in Prostate Cancer.- The Prevention of Prostate Cancer.- Prostate Cancer Screening.- Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.- Does Localized Prostate Cancer Exist?.- Staging of Prostate Cancer.- Guidelines and Counselling for Treatment Options in the Management of Prostate Cancer.- Choices for Surgery.- Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer.- Cryoablation and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound.- The Role of Hormonal Treatment in Prostate Cancer.- Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer.- Prostate Cancer Treatment and Quality of Life.- Europa Uomo: The European Prostate Cancer Coalition.
Prostate cancer treatment dates back almost treatment approaches is examined in the subse- 100years. However, in an era of rapid develop- quent chapters of this volume. ments and innovations in cancer research and Te text addresses the time-honoured h- uro-oncology, there is an increasing need to monal treatment, which has been the mainstay update our knowledge and especially to guide of prostate cancer management for some - our practice by innovations and evidence-based cades. Due to the increased diagnosis of prostate medicine. Prostate cancer is still evolving fol- cancer at earlier stages and the increased use of lowing improvements in disease detection and hormone therapy in earlier disease stages many better understanding of disease characteristics. patients will receive hormone therapy for a long Tis book addresses the current state of the art in period. Tese patients are at risk of acute and this still-developing feld and presents the reader chronic side efects of hormonal therapy. Te- with the information needed to make rational fore, the timing of initiating hormone therapy, patient decisions regarding treatment selection the type of hormone therapy and the monitoring and outcomes. of patients on long-term hormone therapy have Te growing body of knowledge regarding become crucial in the appropriate management epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention, screen- of patients with prostate cancer. ing, diagnosis and staging is included in the frst Disease management in men with prostate half of the book.

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