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Carcinoma of the Bladder

Innovations in Management
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Luc Baert
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This volume documents the state of the art in the diagnosis and management of carcinoma of the bladder in a comprehensive manner not found in other texts on genitourinary oncology. All chapters are written by leading experts and are well illustrated and tabulated. The breadth and depth of the discussion will ensure that the book will attract wide interest.
1 Epidemiology of Bladder Cancer.- 2 Natural History of Bladder Carcinoma.- 3 Prognostic Factors in Bladder Cancer: Emphasis on Immunohistochemical Analysis.- 4 Molecular Genetics in Carcinoma of the Bladder.- 5 Pathology of Bladder Cancer.- 6 Imaging Modalities in the Diagnosis and Staging of Carcinoma of the Bladder.- 7 Contemporary Nonimaging Methods in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Carcinoma of the Bladder.- 8 Staging of Bladder Cancer.- 9 Photodynamic Therapy of Bladder Cancer.- 10 Fluorescence Detection of Bladder Cancer.- 11 Treatment of Ta, T1 Bladder Tumors: Recent Results of the EORTC-GU Group.- 12 Surgical Treatment of Carcinoma of the Bladder: The USC Experience.- 13 Prophylactic Urethrectomy: When and How?.- 14 Orthotopic Reconstruction Following Radical Cystectomy: The USC Experience.- 15 Complications of Radical Cystectomy.- 16 Long-term Results of Brachytherapy with Iridium-192 Implants.- 17 Bladder-Conserving Therapy for Invasive Bladder Cancer Using Transurethral Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation Therapy with Patient Selection by Initial Treatment Response.- 18 Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: Transurethral Resection and Radiochemotherapy as an Organ-Sparing Treatment Option.- 19 External Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Muscle-Invasive Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder.- 20 Chemotherapy Before Definitive Treatment for Locally Advanced Bladder Cancer.- 21 Continuous Infusion Chemotherapy and Irradiation in the Treatment of Advanced Bladder Carcinoma.- 22 Postoperative Chemotherapy for Bladder Carcinoma.- 23 Management of Patients with Pelvic Recurrence Following Radical Cystectomy.- 24 Management of Patients with Failure Following Definitive Radiotherapy.- 25 Treatment-Related Complications for Bladder Carcinoma: Radical Surgery Versus Bladder-Preserving Techniques.- 26 Special Considerations in the Management of Carcinoma in the Neurogenic Bladder.- 27 Hyperthermia in Bladder Cancer.- 28 Management of Patients with Metastatic Carcinoma of the Blader.- 29 National Differences in the Management of Bladder Cancer.- List of Contributors.
Concentrating on the diagnosis and treatment of carcinoma of the bladder, rather than the entire field of genitourinary oncology, this book discusses in depth all the important advances in molecular genetics of relevance to clinical practice. Progress in both imaging and non-imaging modalities from recent clinical trials is well documented and critically evaluated in a manner that will prove invaluable for practising urooncologists. Furthermore, the management of patients with superficial, muscle-invasive, and advanced disease is discussed, and new treatment results presented. Numerous illustrations and tables serve to assist in understanding the data presented.

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