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Tuberculosis of the Bones and Joints

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Michel Martini
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1 Introduction.- 2 History of Bone and Joint Tuberculosis.- 3 Natural History of Bone and Joint Tuberculosis.- 4 Diagnosis.- 5 Bacteriology.- 6 Pathology.- 7 Bone and Joint Tuberculosis in the Child.- 8 Treatment.- 8.1 Chemotherapy.- 8.2 Orthopedic Measures.- 9 Tuberculous Osteomyelitis.- 10 Tuberculosis of the Upper-Limb Joints.- 10.1 Tuberculosis of the Shoulder.- 10.2 Tuberculosis of the Elbow.- 10.3 Tuberculosis of the Wrist.- 10.4 Tuberculosis of the Finger Joints.- 11 Tuberculosis of the Lower-Limb Joints.- 11.1 Tuberculosis of the Hip Joint.- 11.2 Current Problems of Tuberculosis of the Hip in Industrialized Countries.- 11.3 Tuberculosis of the Knee.- 11.4 Tuberculosis of the Ankle and Foot Joints.- 12 Tuberculosis of the Girdle Joints.- 13 Tuberculosis of the Spine.- 13.1 Tuberculous Spondylodiscitis (Spinal Tuberculosis).- 13.2 Pott's Paraplegia.- 13.3 Tuberculous Kyphosis.- 13.4 Posterior Spinal Tuberculosis.- 14 Conclusions.- Appendix A: Short Regimens of Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Bone and Joint Tuberculosis: Results at 5 Years and More of a Randomized Clinical Trial of 201 Patients.- Appendix B: Results of a Computerized Study of a Homogeneous Series Involving Bone and Joint Tuberculosis: A Review of 652 Cases. M. Martini and M. Ouahes with the technical support of F. Burny and M. Donkerwolcke.
Bone and joint tuberculosis is common in developing countries, and surgeons in these countries are often faced with the dual problem of diagnosing and treating this disease. However, bone and joint tuberculosis has not yet completely disappeared from industrialized countries, either. Therefore, this book is also intended for orthopedic surgeons in industrialized countries, who, faced with the rare but characteristic problems posed by bone and joint tuberculosis, are searching for reliable solutions. The last comprehensive textbook on this subject appeared more than 20 years ago, and that was a third edition of a pre-war work. Advances in chemotherapy had made this edition out-of-date even before it was published. The need for a definite up-to-date textbook has therefore been acute. The present book has been written to fill that need, and is based not only upon 20 years' experience with 700 cases, but also upon the results of clinical, bacteriologic, pathologic, and therapeutic research.

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