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Sport in the Modern World - Chances and Problems

Papers, Results, Materials Scientific Congress Munich, August 21 to 25, 1972
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The Alienation and Identity of Man in Sport.- The Alienation and Identity of Man.- Alienation, Manipulation and the Self of the Athlete.- The Role of Physical Education and Sport in the System of Social Values.- Symposium.- Discussion.- Short Papers.- Emancipation and Repression through Sport.- Emancipation and Repression through Sport.- Discussion.- Short Papers.- Personal Worth and Corporeality.- Short Papers.- Discussion.- Sport and Conflict.- Sport and Conflict.- The Dialectics of Transformation in Modern Sport.- Intergroup Conflict and Competition: Social-Psychological Analysis.- Games, the Socialization of Conflict.- Symposium.- Short Papers.- Discussion.- The Contribution of Sport towards the Integration of a World Society.- The Contribution of Sport to the Integration of Society.- Short Papers.- Discussion.- Sport - Personality - Education.- Learning Opportunities in Sport.- The Pedagogic Elements of Sport.- The Position of Sport in the Curriculum.- Symposium.- Discussion.- Sport and Personality.- Effect of Sport on the Personality of the Young.- Short Papers.- Curriculum Theory and Sport.- Physical Education, Sport, and a Disciplinary Focus.- Discussion (I).- Short Papers.- Discussion (II).- Planning and Organization of Sport Instruction.- Short Papers.- Medical Problems of School Sport.- Some Physical and Physiological Problems of School Sport.- Short Papers.- Sport and Age.- Physiological Bases for Sport at Different Ages.- Limits and Age Dependency in the Adaptation of the Heart to Physical Stress.- Age Features of Adaptation to Muscular Activity.- The Age Factor in Sport.- Symposium.- Short Papers.- Sport for Youth and Sport Medicine.- The Use of Work Physiological Characteristics in the Prediction of Children's Future Health.- Short Papers.- Sport at an Advanced Age.- The Influence of Endurance Training, Cardiopulmonary and Metabolic Parameters in Old Age.- Short Papers.- Sex Differences in Athletics.- Sexual Differences in Sport.- Short Papers.- Physical Education, Sport and Movement - Prevention, Therapy, Rehabilitation.- Sport as a Form of Preventive Medicine.- Sport - a Medium of Preventive Medicine.- Short Papers.- Sport as a Remedy in Rehabilitation.- Rehabilitative Aspects of Sport in Medicine.- Short Papers.- Sport for the Disabled.- Development of Sport for the Disabled.- Sport for the Disabled.- Short Papers.- Movement Education with Mentally Retarded Children.- Physical Activity and Educational Programs for the Retarded.- Short Papers.- Discussion.- Sport in Special Pedagogical Programs.- Sport Therapy with Children Handicapped by Environmental Factors and Retarded Learning Ability.- Short Papers.- Discussion.- Motor Learning and Training in Sport.- Basic Knowledge of Neuromuscular Processes.- Fundamentals of the Motor System.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Fundamentals of Biomechanics.- Measurement of Mechanical Work (with Particular Reference to Human Locomotion).- Accompanying Report.- Short Papers.- Sensory-Motor Processes.- Sensory-Motor Processes in Sport.- Short Papers.- Mental Training.- Mental Rehearsal.- Short Papers.- Programmed Instruction.- Educational Technology and Programmed Instruction in Sport.- Short Papers.- Performance Sport and Performance Athletes - Analyses from the Viewpoint of the Social Sciences.- Sport and Professionalization.- Citius - Altius - Fortius: The Olympic "Contribution" to the Professionalization of Sport?.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Careers in Sport.- Sport and Career: Patterns of Role Progression.- Social Values of a Sporting Career.- Short Papers.- On the Personality of Superior Athletes.- On the Personality of Superior Athletes.- Short Papers.- Sport and Aggression.- Sport and Aggression.- Short Papers.- Achievement Motivation: Origin and Development.- Achievement Motivation: Origin and Development.- Short Papers.- High-Performance Sport as a Social Problem.- Physical Culture and Sport in the Social Planning Process, with Special Reference to High-Performance Sport.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Sport - Mass Behaviour - Mass Media.- Short Papers.- Social Factors and Sporting Achievement.- The Influence of Social Factors on Sport Achievement.- Short Papers.- Performance Sport among Young People as an Educational Problem.- Methodological Criteria in Preparing Children and Juniors for Sport.- Short Papers.- Fundamentals and Limits of Competitive Sport - Medical Insights.- Physiological Fundamentals of Competitive Sport.- Training Loads from the Medico-Biological Point of View.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Applied Medical Knowledge in High-Performance Sport.- The Application of Science to Performance Sport.- Short Papers.- Fundamental Problems of Metabolic Fields in Sport.- Metabolic Fundamentals in Sport.- Short Papers.- Drugs and Sport.- Pharmaceutical Products and Athletics.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Physiological Limitations of Performance Sport.- Physiological Limitations of Performance Sport.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Traumatology in High-Performance Sport.- Soft Tissue Consideration in Cervical Spine Injuries.- Injuries and Damage to the Spine Incurred while Playing Football.- Short Papers.- Sport and Play - Philosophical Interpretations.- Approaches to an Interpretation of High-Performance Sport.- Basic Principles of an Interpretation of High-Performance Sport.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Sport from the Viewpoint of Phenomenology.- Records and the Man.- Short Papers and Discussion.- The Interpretation of Sport from the Viewpoint of Philosophical Anthropology.- Existential Humanism and Sport.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Play in Theory and Research.- Play: the Mediation of Novelty.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Leisure Time - Urbanism - Play.- Leisure Time - Urbanism - and Games.- Discussion.- Short Papers.- Sport and Physical Education in Developing Countries.- Sports Instruction in Developing Countries.- The Role of Sport in the Creation of National Identity, and its Contribution to the Search for Understanding between Different Communities and Cultures.- Connections between Sports and Tourism in the Economy of Developing Countries.- Short Papers and Discussion.- Sport and Religions of the World.- The Judaic View of Sport.- The Islamic Position on Sport.- Sport and Religion from the Hindu Viewpoint.- The Relation of Body and Spirit in Zen-Buddhism.- Author Index.- List of Collaborators.
Should scientific congresses take place in connection with Olympic Games, and should science be represented not only in the form of applied science engaged in the care of athletes, but also as an informing, reflecting and critical authority? The Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXth Olympiad answered this question in the affirmative, and the results have justified this decision. The invitation sent out by the Organizing Committee was accepted by numerous eminent scholars and many participants from all over the world; it was their merit that the general topic of the congress could be discussed in manifold ways under various aspects and without prejudice. For this reason, they deserve our gratitude and appreciation. By now, the congress report has been completed. It is part of the total scientific concept which includes the preparatory publication, "The Scientific View of Sport­ Perspectives, Aspects, Issues", the congress itself and the present report; and, in close connection therewith, the exhibitions, "100 Years of German Excavation Work in Olympia", "Sport and Medicine" and the literary exhibition. It is to be hoped that this report will prove an important source of information and a stimulus for discussion among participants and scholars, students, teachers and coaches; and that it will safeguard the fruitful continuation of the work initiated by the Munich congress. Thanks are due to those who took pains in preparing this document. It will be an essential element within the framework of all that will remain of the Olympic Games of 1972.

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