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Urban Runoff Pollution

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Michel Desbordes
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I Pollutional Aspects of Urban Runoff.- Pollutional Aspects of Urban Runoff.- Toxic Contaminants in Urban Runoff: A Case Study.- Solids, Nutrients and Chlorides in Urban Runoff.- Discussion.- II Field Studies of Urban Runoff Quality.- Field Studies of Urban Runoff Quality.- Use of Field Data in Urban Drainage Planning.- Design of Data Collection Systems.- Data Evaluation in Field Studies of Urban Runoff Quality: Aspects of Assessing the Measurement Interval.- Discussion.- III Deterministic Modeling of Runoff Processes.- Deterministic Modeling of Urban Runoff Quality.- Continuous Mass-Balance of Pollutant Build-Up Processes.- Discussion.- IV Statistically-Based Modeling of Urban Runoff Processes.- Statistically Based Modelling of Urban Runoff Quality: State of the Art.- A Statistical Methodology for the Assessment of Water Quality Effects of Storm Water Discharges.- TSS, BOD5 and COD Accumulation and Transport Over Urban Catchment Surfaces: A Modelling Approach.- Discussion.- V Conventional Pollutant Impacts on Receiving Waters.- Conventional Pollutant Impacts on Receiving Waters.- Measured CSO Contribution to River Quality Deterioration and Methodologic Approach for Negative Influence Evaluation.- Discussion.- VI Toxic Pollutant Impacts on Receiving Waters.- Toxic Pollutants: Impact and Fate in Receiving Waters.- Aquatic Fate and Transport Modeling Techniques for Predicting Environmental Exposure to Organic Pesticides and Other Toxicants - A Comparative Study.- Discussion.- VII Receiving Water Modeling.- State-of-the-Art, Physically-Based and Statistically-Based Water Quality Modeling.- Eutrophication Modelling of Small Urban Lakes.- Realistic Water Quality Modeling.- Continuous Simulation Models to Evaluate Urban Drainage Impacts in Ontario.- Discussion.- VIII Runoff Quality Management.- Urban Stormwater Runoff Quality Management: Low-Structurally Intensive Measures and Treatment.- Structural Measures for Runoff Quality Management.- The Swirl Concentrator as an Urban Runoff Treatment Device.- A Conceptual Model Optimizing the Maintenance of Grit Chambers in Combined Sewers.- Standardization of Detention Pond Design for Phosphorous Removal.- Discussion.- IX Real-Time Control.- Urban Runoff Quality Management by Real-Time Control.- Performance of Hardware Components for Real Time Management of Sewer Systems.- Operational Algorithms for Application in Real-Time Control of Combined Sewer Systems.- Discussion.- X Future Research Needs.- Future Research Needs.- List of Participants.- Author Index.
In most of the developed countries of the,World, significant efforts to control the pollution of surface waters have been underway for decades, and particularly the last 10-15 years. These efforts have focused mainly on eliminating or mitiga­ ting the effects of point sources of pollution. In many ca­ ses, however, it is clear that we have achieved only limited improvement in water quality, and that non-point sources of pollution are going to control any further improvement. It has long been known that urban runoff is a major non-point source, and much research has been done in an attempt to un­ derstand the mechanisms and processes which govern this source and to reduce or eliminate its impacts. Many urban jurisdic­ tions have adopted urban runoff pollution control measures, in spite of the fact that there is a great deal that we still do not know, and without really being able to quantify the benefits achieved. A major problem is that while a great deal of work is being done, both in Europe and North America, it is very difficult to keep abreast of new developments. The Urban Water Resources Research Council of the American Society of Civil Engineers has for many years had as one of its major objectives the transfer of urban runoff technology among researchers and practitioners in the field, as well as to those engineers who are not in the forefront but who nonetheless need the information on the latest developments.

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