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Pitfalls in Diagnostic Radiology

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Wilfred C. G. Peh
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The practice of diagnostic radiology has become increasingly complex, with the use of numerous imaging modalities and division into many subspecialty areas. It is becoming ever more difficult for subspecialist radiologists, general radiologists, and residents to keep up with the advances that are occurring year on year, and this is particularly true for less familiar topics. Failure to appreciate imaging pitfalls often leads to diagnostic error and misinterpretation, and potential medicolegal problems. This textbook, written by experts from reputable centers across the world, systematically and comprehensively highlights the pitfalls that may occur in diagnostic radiology. Both pitfalls specific to different modalities and techniques and those specific to particular organ systems are described with the help of numerous high-quality illustrations. Recognition of these pitfalls is crucial in helping the practicing radiologist to achieve a more accurate diagnosis.
?Part1: Imaging modality and technique pitfalls.- Radiography and fluoroscopic and contrast-based techniques.- Ultrasonography.- Computed tomography.- Magnetic resonance imaging.- Nuclear medicine imaging including SPECT-CT and PET.- Interventional radiology techniques.- Bone mineral density and quantitative imaging.- Radiation dose management.- Approach to characterizing radiological errors.- Part 2: System-based imaging pitfalls.- Musculoskeletal system.- Spine.- Brain.- Head and neck.- Chest including lungs.- Cardiac and vascular system.- Abdomen- solid organs.- Gastrointestinal system.- Genitourinary system.- Reproductive system- female.- Obstetrics.- Breast.- Pediatrics.

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