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Emerging Issues in Smart Learning

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Guang Chen
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Lecture Notes in Educational Technology

Presents the state-of-the-art research in smart learning going on around the world
A Blended Learning Environment for enhancing Meaningful Learning using 21st Century Skills.- A correlational study on the relationship between awareness in collaborative learning and academic performance.- A Framework of Automatically Analyzing Online Self-regulated Learning Processes and Competencies.- A method for evaluating technology-rich classroom environment.- A New Physical-Digital Environment for Discussion and Presentation Skills Training.- A Study on the Development of the Smart Classroom Scale.- Accelerate Location-Based Context Learning for Second Language Learning Using Ubiquitous Learning Log.- Adapted E-Assessment System: Based on Workflow Refinement.- An Initial Development and Validation of Tablet Computer Familiarity Questionnaire.- Analysis of Elementary Teachers' Readiness for Smart Learning in Korea.- Analysis of Problem-Posing Process of Arithmetical Word Problem as Sentence Integration: Viewpoint of First Selected Sentence.- Are serious games working as expected?.- Automatic Generation of Valid and Equivalent Assessment Instruments.- College Students' Attitudes and Preferences of Mobile Newspaper Reading: A Comparison between Printed and Web Page Layout.- Competing in Cultural Arena: New Design of Career Guiding Application.- Design Tutoring Feedback to Increase Online Learners' Satisfaction.- Developing the PETAL e-­Learning Platform for Personalized Teaching and Learning.- Development of Weather Monitoring System based on Raspberry Pi for Technology Rich Classroom.- Digital Signage System for Learning Material Presentation Based on Learning Continuum.- Dividing Learning Process in Classroom with One-to- One Technology into Small Segments: Accurately Locating Students' Learning Status.- Educational Dashboards for Smart Learning: Review of Case Studies.- Effects of social network-based visual feedback on interaction in online discussion.- Enhanced federation and reuse of e-learning components using cloud computing.- Enhancing Mobile Learning Implementation and Development of Interactive Learning and Strategies in Distance Education.- Enquiry into a Self-regulated Teaching Assistant Development Program in China: The Yin and Yang of Success.- Exploring  Preservice teachers' acceptance of smart learning.- Exploring students' discussion in face to face and online synchronous learning.- Facilitating listening and speaking with game-based learning activities in situational context.- Increasing the Sensitivity of a Personalized Educational Data Mining Method for Curriculum Composition.- Investigating the Determinants of Mobile Learning Acceptance in Korea Using UTAUT2.- Learning analysis on learners' wiki-based collaborative knowledge building behaviors.- Learning through instant-messaging chat logs: A tool for adults to address the communication norms in the new workplace.- Measuring learners' working memory capacity from their interactions within educational games.- Mobile Devices and a Modelling Tool for Physics Experiments in High School.- Ontology based semantic metadata extraction system for learning objects.- Ontology based smart learning environment for teaching word problems in mathematics.- Paradoxical tensions of online peer assessment: A case study of a secondary school in Singapore.- Redesigning the Classroom Environment to Enhance Students' Collaborative Learning Activities.- Relations between Student Online Learning Behavior and Academic Achievement in Higher Education: A Learning Analytics Approach.- Smart Learning Analytics.- Smartphone Addiction in University Students and its Implication for Learning.- Students' Science Process Skills Diagnosis.- Tablet Interface Design for Elder Users' Newspaper Reading.- The Design and Development of Electronic Schoolbag System Based on Educational Cloud Service Platform.- The Development of the Haiku Application Corresponding to Specification Changes and its Evaluation.- The strategies for designing collaborative scripts.- Thinking of Everyone: Responsive Web Design for a Math OER Project.- Toward recommending learning tasks in learner-centered approach.- Towards an ICT Framework for Providing Inclusive Learning Objects for Indigenous Learners.- Towards Flipped Learning Using Ubiquitous Learning Log System in L2 Learning Class.- Towards Smart Asynchronous Discussion Activity: Using Social Network Analysis to Investigate Students' Discussion Patterns.- Tracking Students' Eye-Movements on Visual Dashboard Presenting Their Online Learning Behavior Patterns.- Unfolding Learning Analytics for Big Data.- Usefulness of peer comments for English language writing through web-based peer assessment.- User-Centered Design of Interactive Gesture-based fitness video game for elderly.
This book provides an archival forum for researchers, academics, practitioners and industry professionals interested and/or engaged in the reform of the ways of teaching and learning through advancing current learning environments towards smart learning environments. The contributions of this book are submitted to the International Conference on Smart Learning Environments (ICSLE 2014). The focus of this proceeding is on the interplay of pedagogy, technology and their fusion towards the advancement of smart learning environments. Various components of this interplay include but are not limited to: Pedagogy- learning paradigms, assessment paradigms, social factors, policy; Technology- emerging technologies, innovative uses of mature technologies, adoption, usability, standards and emerging/new technological paradigms (open educational resources, cloud computing, etc.)

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