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Mathematical Software -- ICMS 2014

4th International Conference, Seoul, South Korea, August 5-9, 2014, Proceedings
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Hoon Hong
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8592, Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Experimental Computation and Visual Theorems.- Soft Math Math Soft.- Flyspecking Flyspeck.- Symbolic Computing Package for Mathematica for Versatile Manipulation of Mathematical Expressions.- Representing, Archiving, and Searching the Space of Mathematical Knowledge.- Early Examples of Software in Mathematical Knowledge Management.- Discourse-Level Parallel Markup and Meaning Adoption in Flexiformal Theory Graphs.- Complexity Analysis of the Bivariate Buchberger Algorithm in Theorema.- Theorema 2.0: A System for Mathematical Theory Exploration.- New Approaches in Black Box Group Theory.- A GAP Package for Computing with Real Semisimple Lie Algebras.- Bacterial Genomics and Computational Group Theory: The BioGAP Package for GAP.- SgpDec: Cascade (De)Compositions of Finite Transformation Semigroups and Permutation Groups.- Approximating Generators for Integral Arithmetic Groups.- Software for Groups: Theory and Practice.- Computation of Genus 0 Belyi Functions.- On Computation of the First Baues-Wirsching Cohomology of a Freely-Generated Small Category.- Codes over a Non Chain Ring with Some Applications.- On the Weight Enumerators of the Projections of the 2-adic Golay Code of Length 24 to Z2e.- Computer Based Reconstruction of Binary Extremal Self-dual Codes of Length 32.- Magma Implementation of Decoding Algorithms for General Algebraic Geometry Codes.- Reversible Codes and Applications to DNA.- javaPlex: A Research Software Package for Persistent (Co)Homology.- PHAT - Persistent Homology Algorithms Toolbox.- Computing Persistence Modules on Commutative Ladders of Finite Type.- Heuristics for Sphere Recognition.- CAPD::RedHom v2 - Homology Software Based on Reduction Algorithms.- The Gudhi Library: Simplicial Complexes and Persistent Homology.- Bertini real: Software for One- and Two-Dimensional Real Algebraic Sets.- Hom4PS-3: A Parallel Numerical Solver for Systems of Polynomial Equations Based on Polyhedral Homotopy Continuation Methods.- Geometry CGAL - Reliable Geometric Computing for Academia and Industry.- Implementing the L8 Segment Voronoi Diagram in CGAL and Applying in VLSI Pattern Analysis.- BULL! - The Molecular Geometry Engine Based on Voronoi Diagram, Quasi-Triangulation, and Beta-Complex.- Integrating Circumradius and Area Formulae for Cyclic Pentagons.- Computer Aided Geometry.- The Sustainability of Digital Educational Resources.- A Touch-Operation-Based Dynamic Geometry System: Design and Implementation.- OpenGeo: An Open Geometric Knowledge Base.- On Computing a Cell Decomposition of a Real Surface Containing Infinitely Many Singularities.- Robustly and Efficiently Computing Algebraic Curves and Surfaces.- Computing the Orthogonal Projection of Rational Curves onto Rational Parameterized Surface by Symbolic Methods.- Isotopic Approximation of Algebraic Curves.- Isotopic Arrangement of Simple Curves: An Exact Numerical Approach Based on Subdivision.- Real Quantifier Elimination in the RegularChains Library.- Software for Quantifier Elimination in Propositional Logic.- Quantifier Elimination for Linear Modular Constraints.- Skolemization Modulo Theories.- Incremental QBF Solving by DepQBF.- NLCertify: A Tool for Formal Nonlinear Optimization.- Developing Linear Algebra Packages on Risa/Asir for Eigenproblems.- Mathematical Software for Modified Bessel Functions.- BetaSCP2: A Program for the Optimal Prediction of Side-Chains in Proteins.- Computation of an Improved Lower Bound to Giuga's Primality Conjecture.- An Extension and Efficient Calculation of the Horner's Rule for Matrices.- What Is New in CoCoA?.- Maximizing Likelihood Function for Parameter Estimation in Point Clouds via Groebner Basis.- Groebner Basis in Geodesy and Geoinformatics.- Groebner Bases in Theorema.- Effective Computation of Radical of Ideals and Its Application to Invariant Theory.- Generic and Parallel Groebner Bases in JAS.- Application of Groebner Basis Methodology to Nonlinear Mechanics Problems.- Software for Discussing Parametric Polynomial Systems: The Gröbner Cover.- An Algorithm for Computing Standard Bases by Change of Ordering via Algebraic Local Cohomology.- Verification of Gröbner Basis Candidates.- Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition in the RegularChains Library.- Hierarchical Comprehensive Triangular Decomposition.- A Package for Parametric Matrix Computations.- Choosing a Variable Ordering for Truth-Table Invariant Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition by Incremental Triangular Decomposition.- Using the Regular Chains Library to Build Cylindrical Algebraic Decompositions by Projecting and Lifting.- An Improvement of Rosenfeld-Gröbner Algorithm.- Doing Algebraic Geometry with the RegularChains Library.- On Multivariate Birkhoff Rational Interpolation.- Computing Moore-Penrose Inverses of Ore Polynomial Matrices.- Software Using the Gr¿obner Cover for Geometrical Loci Computation and Classification.- Using Maple's RegularChains Library to Automatically Classify Plane Geometric Loci.- Solving Parametric Polynomial Systems by RealComprehensiveTriangularize.- QE Software Based on Comprehensive Gröbner Systems.- SyNRAC: A Tolbox for Solving Real Algebraic Constraints.-An Algorithm for Computing Tjurina Stratifications of µ-Constant Deformations by Using Local Cohomology Classes with Parameters.- An Implementation Method of Boolean Gröbner Bases and Comprehensive Boolean Gr¿obner Bases on General Computer Algebra Systems.- A Method to Determine if Two Parametric Polynomial Systems Are Equal.- An Implementation Method of a CAS with a Handwriting Interface on Tablet Devices.- New Way of Explanation of the Stochastic Interpretation of Wave Functions and Its Teaching Materials Using KETpic.- IFSGen4LATEX: Interactive Graphical User Interface For Generation and Visualization of Iterated Function Systems in LATEX.- GNU TEXMACS Towards a Scientific Office Suite.- Computer Software Program for Representation and Visualization of Free-Form Curves through Bio-inspired Optimization Techniques.- On Some Attempts to Verify the Effect of Using High-Quality Graphics in Mathematics Education.- Math Web Search Interfaces and the Generation Gap of Mathematicians.- Practice with Computer Algebra Systems in Mathematics Education and Teacher Training Courses.- Development of Visual Aid Materials in Teaching the Bivariate Normal Distributions.- Creating Interactive Graphics for Mathematics Education Utilizing KETpic.- A Tablet-Compatible Web-Interface for Mathematical Collaboration.- Development and Evaluation of a Web-Based Drill System to Master Basic Math Formulae Using a New Interactive Math Input Method.- Generating Data of Mathematical Figures for 3D Printers with KETpic and Educational Impact of the Printed Models.- A Touch-Based Mathematical Expression Editor.- Establishment of KETpic Programming Styles for Drawing.- Integration of Libnormaliz in CoCoALib and CoCoA 5.- Elements of Design for Containers and Solutions in the LinBox Library.- Recent Developments in Normaliz.- The Basic Polynomial Algebra Subprograms.- Function Interval Arithmetic.- Generating Optimized Sparse Matrix Vector Product over Finite Fields.- swMATH - An Information Service for Mathematical Software.- MathLibre: Modifiable Desktop Environment for Mathematics.- Software Packages for Holonomic Gradient Method.- Metalibm: A Mathematical Functions Code Generator.- From Calculus to Algorithms without Errors.- Dense Arithmetic over Finite Fields with the CUMODP Library.
This book constitutes the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mathematical Software, ICMS 2014, held in Seoul, South Korea, in August 2014. The 108 papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 150 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections named: invited; exploration; group; coding; topology; algebraic; geometry; surfaces; reasoning; special; Groebner; triangular; parametric; interfaces and general.

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