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Smart Learning Environments

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Maiga Chang
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Lecture Notes in Educational Technology

The very first comprehensive review on smart learning environment related research
A. Learning Analytics.- Analyzing Learner Characteristics and Courses based on Cognitive Abilities, Learning Styles and Context.- An Approach to Measure Coding Competency Evolution - Towards Learning Analytics.- Semantic Similarity Enhanced Topic Models for Document Analysis.- Social Context Analysis for Topic-specific Expertise Finding in Online Learning Communities.- B. Ambient Design.- Context-aware Geography Fieldtrip with EagleEye: Teachers' First Experience.- Note-taking in Pupil's Textbook: Features and Influence Factors.- Effects of Clicker and Peer Discussion on Learning Performance in a Secondary Biology Course.- C. Smart Pedagogy.- Smart Learner Support through Semi-automatic Feedback.- Interactive Physical Games: Improving Balance in Older Adults.- Story-based Virtual Experiments Environment.- Development of Handheld Augmented Reality X-ray for K-12 Settings.
This book addresses main issues concerned with the future learning, learning and academic analytics, virtual world and smart user interface, and mobile learning. This book gathers the newest research results of smart learning environments from the aspects of learning, pedagogies, and technologies in learning. It examines the advances in technology development and changes in the field of education that has been affecting and reshaping the learning environment. Then, it proposes that under the changed technological situations, smart learning systems, no matter what platforms (i.e., personal computers, smart phones, and tablets) they are running at, should be aware of the preferences and needs that their users (i.e., the learners and teachers) have, be capable of providing their users with the most appropriate services, helps to enhance the users' learning experiences, and to make the learning efficient.

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