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Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2014

39th International Symposium, MFCS 2014, Budapest, Hungary, August 26-29, 2014. Proceedings, Part II
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8635, Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Table of Contents - Volume II.- Algorithms, Complexity and Games.- On r-Simple k-Path.- Low-Depth Uniform Threshold Circuits and the Bit-Complexity of Straight Line Programs.- Zero Knowledge and Circuit Minimization.- A Tight Lower Bound on Certificate Complexity in Terms of Block Sensitivity and Sensitivity.- n)-Space and Polynomial-time Algorithm for Planar Directed Graph Reachability.- Forbidden Induced Subgraphs and the Price of Connectivity for Feedback Vertex Set.- Network-Based Dissolution.- On Unification of QBF Resolution-Based Calculi.- Minimum planar multi-sink cuts with connectivity priors.- The Price of Envy-Freeness in Machine Scheduling.- On the Complexity of Some Ordering Problems.- The Relationship Between Multiplicative Complexity and Nonlinearity.- Find Dual Connectedness of Edge-Bicolored Graphs and Beyond.- Combinatorial Voter Control in Elections.- An Improved Deterministic #SAT Algorithm for Small De Morgan Formulas.- On the Limits of Depth Reduction at Depth 3 Over Small Finite Fields.- Hitting forbidden subgraphs in graphs of bounded treewidth.- Probabilistic Analysis of Power Assignments.- Existence of Secure Equilibrium in Multi-Player Games with Perfect Information.- An efficient quantum algorithm for finding hidden parabolic subgroups in the general linear group.- A Note on the Minimum Distance of Quantum LDPC Codes.- Minimum Bisection is NP-hard on Unit Disk Graphs.- Query-Competitive Algorithms for Cheapest Set Problems under Uncertainty.- Streaming Kernelization.- A Reconfigurations Analogue of Brooks' Theorem.- Intersection Graphs of L-Shapes and Segments in the Plane.- Autoreducibility and Mitoticity of Logspace-Complete Sets for NP and Other Classes.- Editing to a Connected Graph of Given Degrees.- Circuit Complexity of Properties of Graphs with Constant Planar Cutwidth.- On Characterizations of Randomized Computation Using Plain Kolmogorov Complexity.- New Results for Non-Preemptive Speed Scaling.- Lower bounds for splittings by linear combinations.- On the Complexity of List Ranking in the Parallel External Memory Model.- Knocking Out Pk-free Graphs.- Relating the Time Complexity of Optimization Problems in Light of the Exponential-Time Hypothesis.- Affine consistency and the complexity of semilinear constraints.- Small complexity classes for computable analysis.- Two Results about Quantum Messages.- Parameterized Approximations via d-Skew-Symmetric Multicut.- On the Clique Editing Problem.- On the Complexity of Symbolic Verification and Decision Problems in Bit-Vector Logic.- Computational Complexity of Covering Three-Vertex Multigraphs.- Finding Maximum Common Biconnected Subgraphs in Series-Parallel Graphs.- On Coloring Resilient Graphs.- Document Retrieval with One Wildcard.- An Hn=2 Upper Bound on the Price of Stability of Undirected Network Design Games.- Traveling Salesman Problems in Temporal Graphs.- Inferring Strings from Lyndon factorization.- Betweenness Centrality - Incremental and Faster.- Deterministic Parameterized Algorithms for the Graph Motif Problem.- The Two Queries Assumption and Arthur-Merlin Classes.- Flexible Bandwidth Assignment with Application to Optical Networks.- Approximation Algorithms For Bounded Color Matchings via Convex Decompositions.
This two volume set LNCS 8634 and LNCS 8635 constitutes the refereed conference proceedings of the 39th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MFCS 2014, held in Budapest, Hungary, in August 2014. The 95 revised full papers presented together with 6 invited talks were carefully selected from 270 submissions. The focus of the conference was on following topics: Logic, Semantics, Automata, Theory of Programming, Algorithms, Complexity, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Quantum Computing, Automata, Grammars and Formal Languages, Combinatorics on Words, Trees and Games.

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